Dry Concentrates


We are committed to providing the best medicine for patients and caregivers across the Commonwealth.

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania has a broad mix of hand-selected genetics in our library. We encourage you to check with your local dispensary on the availability of our prime line of dry concentrates.




Chem De La Chem Shatter
Lineage: Chemdawg D x I95
Description: Has pungent flavors of chem, leather and funk. 

East Coast Cookies Shatter
Lineage: ECSD x Highway Cookies
Description: Boasts aromas of sweet earthy bread. 

Scarlet Fire Shatter
Lineage: Red Headed Stranger x Unknown Mexican
Description: Features crisp flavors of lemon and spice.



Krypto's Kush Wax
Lineage: Chem4 x SFV OG (Captain Kryptonite)
Description: Features very distinct flavors of both Chem4 and SFV OG.