Live Concentrates


We are committed to providing the best medicine for patients and caregivers across the Commonwealth.

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania has a broad mix of hand-selected genetics in our library. We encourage you to check with your local dispensary on the availability of our prime line of live concentrates.



THCa Crystals (Diamonds and Sauce)

African Thai THCa Crystals
Lineage: Unknown Durban x Thai Hybrid
Description: Has pungent notes of lemon and diesel

Scarlet Fire THCa Crystals
Lineage: Red Headed Stranger x Unknown Mexican
Description: Boasts crisp flavors of lemon and spice

Live badder

White Hill's Haze Live Badder
Lineage: The White x Tom Hill's Haze
Description: Has a buttery consistency with a bright citrus terpene profile

Live Sugar

Malawi Memory Loss Live Sugar
Lineage: Malawi Northern Lights Haze x Memory Loss
Description: Has a very unique flavor similar to coconuts and black licorice



Krypto's Kush Live Resin
Lineage: Chem4 x SFV OG (Captain Kryptonite)
Description: Has very distinct flavors of both Chem4 and SFV OG

Florida Black Haze Live Resin
Lineage: Florida Black Haze x Northern Lights Haze
Description: Boasts a tropical aroma with strong hints of lime and ammonia


Big 91 Live Wax
Lineage: Big Wreck x White 91
Description: Has a distinct lime smell although not dominant in limonene

East Coast Cookies Live Wax
Lineage: ECSD x Highway Cookies
Description: Features aromas of sweet earthy bread

Florida Black Haze Live Wax
Lineage: Florida Black Haze x Northern Lights Haze
Description: Boasts a tropical smoothie smell

L.A. Biker Live Wax
Lineage: L.A. Affair x Biker Kush
Description: Laden with OG Kush and grape undertones

Legend of 91 Live Wax
Lineage: Chem 91 X (Legend OG x Killer Chem)
Description: Features powerful kush scents

Marie Laveau Live Wax
Lineage: Big Poppa (Garlic) OG x Lashkargah White 91
Description: Has layers of flavor ranging from garlic to gasoline

Rojo Dawg Live Wax
Lineage: Chunkdawg x Red Headed Stranger
Description: Limonene-heavy terpene profile with pepper and gasoline notes