The Story Behind the Strain: Purple Haze

Interested in learning more about how Purple Haze, Scarlet Fire and Marie Laveau came to be?  Each of our prime strains has a story that dates back to long before we debuted our signature line of premium products at dispensaries in July 2018. Our expert cultivation team has spent over a decade developing one of the most complete and unique collections of cannabis genetics in the U.S., and we have used those seeds to create an exclusive line of products you won’t find anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

We’ll dive into the stories behind some of your favorite strains, sharing perspectives from our director of production who has been with Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania since the very beginning. In our first year, we’ve released over 60 new strains – and we’re only just getting started. 

Purple Haze


Dominance: Hybrid

Debut: September 13, 2018

About the name: The name Purple Haze reflects the strain’s lineage, coming from a maternal Purple strain that was crossed with a Haze strain. The flower has a distinctive color that can vary from pink to violet to purple depending on the batch.  

The name is also a direct reference to the iconic Jimi Hendrix song that features an instantly recognizable guitar riff and opening line, “Purple Haze all in my brain.” While the true meaning behind the song remains the source of speculation, Hendrix has said the lyrics for “Purple Haze” came to him in a dream after he read a science fiction novel.  

Lineage: Purple Linda X Northern Lights Haze

Main Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Ocimene

Description: In the flower form, Purple Haze has delicate buds that have beautiful hues and a subtle scent of grape candy and lemon drops.

Product Forms: Flower, Distillate & Terpene Syringes, Live Sugar, Live Resin Cartridges     

From our grower: Purple Haze’s signature flavor stems from its lineage. “What makes it unique is that it’s an Indica crossed with a Haze, so it grows like an Indica and gives you the purple color, but it has a unique mix of flavors because of the Haze,” says Brandon Miller, Senior Director of Production and Facilities at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania. “The high level of Ocimene reflects more of a Sativa lineage, so with purple strains and with that kind of Urkle flavor, that’s a pretty novel mix.”

Fun fact: Purple Haze’s origins actually date back to 2011 or 2012 and a marijuana facility in Colorado where an unknown purple Indica (likely a Purple Urkle cut) was crossed with Tom Hill’s Haze. The cross of those strains led to Purple Linda, the maternal parent of Purple Haze.