The Story Behind the Strain: Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau


Dominance: Indica

Debut: October 4, 2018

About the name: Marie Laveau is known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. "She was considered to be clairvoyant," a Laveau historian said in a 2002 news article. "And she manifested herself in many places at once. There were miraculous healings attributed to her. She could bring back unfaithful husbands."

The prime strain, with its darker leaves and spiky calyxes, just seems to have a “supernatural” edge that evokes the Voodoo Queen, says Brandon Miller, Senior Director of Production and Facilities at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania. The strain’s garlic flavor also adds to its seemingly mythical feel, he says.

Lineage: Big Poppa (Garlic) OG x Lashkargah White 91

Main Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene

Description: Kush-like flowers with spiky calyxes and layers of flavor ranging from garlic to gasoline

Product Forms: Flower, Cartridges

From our grower: The maternal Big Poppa OG plant dates back over 15 years ago, Miller says. “That cut (meaning clone) was from Kind Bill and was very elite. It’s a garlicky cut. That’s where that garlic flavor comes from. Garlic is really big right now in the cannabis world, so that cut was really so ahead of its time.”

Fun fact: Tales of Laveau’s voodoo abound, and she remains a topic of mystery and intrigue in New Orleans and around the world. Visitors still head to her gravesite (although there is some controversy about her true burial location). It’s said that she received her St. Ann Street home from an affluent man after she helped his son avoid murder charges. Legend has it that she placed a “cow's tongue under the seat of the prosecutor, which apparently impaired his speech and left him unable to adequately present his case.”

Leah Fassnacht