Why Prime? : Exclusive and Unique Genetics


The story of Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania’s premium line of medical marijuana begins with its exclusive and unique genetics.

Every prime product sold at local dispensaries started with seeds that germinated in the company’s 30,000-square-foot Berks County facility. That means every cultivar, every flower and every prime concentrate is unique to Pennsylvania.

We started our first plants from seed in February 2018, which gave our grower the ultimate control to choose what to harvest and an opportunity to curate strains to produce the ideal combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The prime vault of cannabis genetics includes well-known strains, such as the ChemDawg, OG Kush and Cookie strains, and other more exclusive varieties, including hand-sourced landrace strains and inbred lines from at least three continents. 

The worldwide scope of unique genetics shines through in our prime family of products. Kunduz D is one of the most unique prime cultivars, with both parental strains having ancestral roots to Afghanistan. The Grower Select African Thai is another example, as the product of a maternal strain from the South African port city of Durban mixed with a hybrid that traces back to Thailand. The sativa has a powerful cannabinoid profile, with its flower form testing at nearly 39 percent for total cannabinoids and terpenes in a recent laboratory test.

“The world has been traveled to source a lot of the seeds in our library,” says Brandon Miller, Senior Director of Production and Facilities for Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania.

Starting from seed provided another advantage, according to Miller. With clones, the potential for pests, disease and dormant pathogens can pose a threat to the next generation of plants. The seed-to-harvest approach ensures clean plant material and sets a strong foundation for generations to come.

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania will continue its process of selective breeding to find the best medicine to help patients across Pennsylvania. 

It’s a process that makes the company truly unique.

“As a company striving to produce the best quality medical cannabis, our unique genetics are important,” says Miller. “If a patient finds that a particular strain relieves his or her symptoms and gives the desired effect, we’re the only place they can get it. That sets us apart from everyone else.”

Matthew Nojiri