prime tinctures are carefully crafted from 100% marijuana-derived Distillate and Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, which comes from coconut oil. They can be ingested or administered under the tongue, which produces effects more quickly than other forms of medical marijuana. Favored for their discrete nature and ease of precision dosing, tinctures have a long shelf life.
prime tinctures are crafted with the intention of consistency and efficacy, as opposed to strain variety. This consistency helps ensure that patients achieve their desired effect from their unique dose, with every prime tincture.
Tincture table
Tincture table - 250mg
Tincture table - 500mg
Analytical results may vary by batch. Available in our THC Blend. Contains more than 500mg of THC in each 30ml bottle. Intended for oral, sublingual and/or topical use.
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