Our Story


In June 2017, Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania was one of the first 12 companies licensed to grow and process medical marijuana in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company played an important role in launching this new industry and continues to serve as a premier provider of medical marijuana products.

From the start, we've made clear our commitment to advancing health and wellness and delivering the very best quality products to our dispensary partners across Pennsylvania. In December 2017, Prime Wellness secured an operational permit to begin the grow process at our custom-designed, 30,000 square-foot indoor facility in Berks County's South Heidelberg Township. Produced exclusively for patients in the Commonwealth, all of our products are cultivated and processed from seed in a strictly controlled environment into approved forms, bringing unsurpassed quality and consistency across a deep mix of hand-selected strains.  Our prime brand of products is developed with patients in mind to help those Pennsylvanians who suffer from one or more of the qualifying medical conditions. 


Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is a trusted resource. Leveraging our parent company, Acreage Holdings, we have deep access to industry-wide knowledge, national best practices, and expertise from within the cannabis, business, food and beverage, and health care communities. We take seriously our responsibility to comply with the complex regulations of the state’s Medical Marijuana Program. Our team members are pioneers in cultivation, bringing experience from other markets and setting standards for Pennsylvania’s fast-growing industry. Together, we are cultivating better lives.

We're part of a larger community, too - as local growers, many of our team live and work in the same communities as our dispensary partners and patients. Our success is intertwined with the wellbeing of the community in which we operate. We are building relationships with local civic and business leaders, health providers, and other community impact organizations. as a proactive force for economic stimulus in Berks County. 

From Seed-to-Sale




We make a healthy grow environment a priority in our 30,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility. We develop all of our strains following an intensive indoor breeding and selection program with a special focus on providing therapeutic relief.      



Our plant material is harvested, lab tested and put in cold storage to await extraction. We utilize sub-critical and super-critical C02 extraction, with a labor intensive process focused on terpene extraction. Each product is mindfully crafted, focusing on the effects and medical benefits for the patient. All of our products are processed and packaged on site for distribution.  



Once cultivated and processed in our custom-designed indoor facility, our products are transported to dispensaries across Pennsylvania. Our facility is centrally located in Berks County, allowing for easy transport to dispensaries across the Commonwealth. 

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We're setting a new standard for cultivation. 


mindfully crafted products

Our product categorization is backed by the latest scientific research from some of the world's leading marijuana experts, such as Drs. Raphael Mechoulam and Ethan Russo, regarding the synergies of total cannabinoid and terpene content. For example, products labeled "Indica" are not based on using a mix of short plants with wide leaves, but rather, on laboratory results showing things such as dominant beta-myrcene levels and the presence (or lack thereof) of specific individual terpenes, or terpene combinations. 

Quality-Focused Cultivation and Processing Methods

Not all plant material is created equal. Fertilizer ingredients like silica will add biomass and weight to cannabis flowers but will ultimately degrade the oil, as it does not add any additional cannabinoid or terpene content. We cultivate our plants for the specific purpose of oil content and will not use fertilizers that add weight to the plant material in other forms.



We never spray our plants with pesticides. Using only environmentally friendly biologicals is important to us and is equally important to the health of the patients. Even organic pesticides can have residual presence in cannabinoid and terpene concentrates. Since many organic pesticides are made from essential oils that contain other terpenes, it is nearly impossible to separate cannabinoids and terpenes without contaminating the cannabis-derived terpenes and diluting the specific chemical profile of each strain or cultivar.


Hand-selected genetics

Our genetic library is based on almost a decade of breeding in large-scale environments. We have many exclusive varieties, including hand-sourced landrace strains and IBL lines from at least three continents. While we offer many popular and well-known strains, we also focus on rare and novel cultivars with continuous utilization of selective breeding for research and development.



Our combined passion and expertise in the medical marijuana industry allows us to provide the most effective medicine for patients.