Live Rosin

No Solvents, No Synthetics and No Cut Corners

Our prime live rosin products are extracted exclusively using heat, pressure, and filtration. In our state-of-the-art lab, solventless extraction begins with giving our freshly harvested plant material a luxurious soak in icy water. After being saturated in ice water, the material is “washed” and filtered through a series of ultrafine sieves, which carefully isolate trichome heads from undesirable plant compounds to create a potent starting point for our finished rosin. This “washed” material is then refrigerated and delicately sifted, similar to how a baker would sift flour when creating a light and airy dessert.

Operating a special machine, our extractors gradually increase hydraulic pressure and heat until the sifted product transforms into a sappy, blonde rosin. The result is a uniquely handcrafted representation of our prime plant material’s flavor and potency — with no solvents, no synthetics, and no cut corners. 

Go for the Gold

The packaging on our premium concentrate offerings are color-coded to indicate dry and live varieties, which are extracted from fresh frozen and cured plant material respectively. We’re so excited about our new solventless products, we packaged them in a custom gold-finished box. We believe it represents the unmatched quality of our new live solventless and what our extractors can achieve when they go for the gold!

Our Offerings

Sorry, we currently don’t have any offerings at this time. We are always updating our offerings, so please check back in the future.
Analytical results may vary by batch. Be sure to check the label on your medical marijuana packaging to learn about the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in each of our products. Live resin comes in a childproof and resealable container and is available in 1g containers.
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