RSO Syringes

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil, named for its founder) is a full extract cannabis oil designed for oral or topical use. We offer Pure RSO in a THC Blend (48:1), produced using food-grade ethanol and a wide variety of prime whole flower strains in order to offer patients the maximum amount of healing potential. RSO is often used by patients who need a continued medical effect and symptom relief over a long period of time.

Prepare RSO for Usage

Due to the viscosity, or thickness, of RSO, it is recommended that the patient slightly warm the product before usage. This will aid all patients, especially those who struggle with dexterity, in ease of dosing.
There are a few ways to do this:


Hold the RSO syringe in your hand for a few minutes.


Place the RSO syringe in a bowl of warm water taking care that the capped applicator side is submerged and the plunger side stays dry.


Place the capped applicator side of the RSO syringe under warm, running water making sure the plunger side stays dry.

Talk with your doctor about proper dosing

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Patients should always consult with their treating physician about their individual medication regimen. Cannabinoid profiles will vary, so it’s important for patients and caregivers to read the posted ingredient labels for each product. A patient’s dosing needs will vary depending on their individual tolerance and medical symptoms.
Here are some key questions to consider:
  1. What’s the proper dose? (It helps to ask for a visual reference like a ½ grain or full grain of rice.)
  2. How frequently should I take RSO during the day?
  3. How long should my regimen last?

Ways to Consume RSO

  1. Squeeze out your dose into an empty capsule and ingest orally.
  2. Squeeze the oil onto a small piece of fruit and hold it in your mouth for a brief period before chewing.
  3. Place the RSO drop under your tongue.

Dispensing Tip

It is important to stop pushing the RSO syringe plunger and pull it back before getting to the desired dosage because medicine will continue to dispense.
Analytical results may vary by batch. Be sure to check the label on your medical marijuana packaging to learn about the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in each of our products. RSO comes in childproof 1ml syringes, intended for oral and/or topical use.
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