Live Resin All-In-One Vapes

If you’ve been looking for a new way to dose your favorite prime strains, our new Live Resin All-In-One vapes might be just the refresher your medication routine needs. Fully rechargeable, our Live Resin All-In-One Vapes were designed with your on-the-go medication needs in mind. Each of our sleek, slim-fit disposables is pre-filled with our premium live resin extract — packing terpene-rich medical marijuana oil with the potential to provide fasting-acting relief.

Crafted from flower that has been frozen directly after harvest, our 100% medical marijuana-derived oil has the potential to provide patients with symptom relief via a discreet and simple delivery method. This product is ideal for patients who experience frequent symptom flare-ups that may require several dosing sessions throughout their day, without requiring the extra hassle of remembering the standard 510 battery necessary for vaporizing other cartridge offerings on the market.

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Sorry, we currently don’t have any offerings at this time. We are always updating our offerings, so please check back in the future.
Analytical results may vary by batch. Check the label on your medical marijuana packaging to learn about the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in each of our products. Available in 1mL containers.
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