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Your Guide to Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more about Prime Wellness of Pennyslvania here or feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Learn more about Prime Wellness of Pennyslvania here or feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Why prime?

Each prime product is mindfully crafted to the highest standards, backed by science to achieve potential medical benefits for the patient. Our global collection of distinctive varieties is hand-selected and curated with care by our team using years of selective breeding practices. Our seed library includes an outstanding mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics you won’t find anywhere else.

We closely monitor the growth of every strain at each step of cultivation and never accelerate our curing process. All buds are hand-trimmed with the attention they deserve and our terpenes are always 100% cannabis-derived. 

Our prime product line includes a diverse array of flower strains, live and dry concentrates, cartridges, tinctures, and cannabis oils available for distribution to dispensaries across Pennsylvania.

Where is the facility located and how long have you been operational?

We are located in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. We began production at our 40,00-square-foot facility in January 2018 and our first prime delivery went out in July 2018.

Do you grow your plants from seeds or clones?
We started our grow 100% from seed and produce strains featuring truly exclusive and unique genetics that you will not find anywhere else in this market.
What grow material does Prime Wellness use to cultivate your plants?
Our cultivation team uses a combination of mineral salts, organic nutrients and Coco Coir to ensure our plants are grown in optimal conditions. Using only environmentally friendly biologicals is important to us and is equally important to the health of patients.
How does your N2 flower packaging keep the product fresh?
Our N2 Packaging is flushed with liquid nitrogen and sealed to ensure our premium flower reaches your dispensary in pristine condition. Our N2 cans are 100% recyclable.
How can I be assured of the weight of the flower product I purchase?
We take pride in our precision through all aspects of production. Our product scales are independently certified and weigh to .001 grams.
How is your RSO produced?
Prime RSO is produced using food-grade ethanol and a wide variety of prime whole flower strains in order to offer patients the maximum amount of healing potential.
What ingredients are included in prime tinctures?
Our tincture is crafted from 100-percent cannabis-derived distillate and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil that comes from a food-grade coconut oil. This medical product contains no terpenes.
What type of hardware is used in your vape cartridges?
Our Jupiter L6 Vape Cartridges feature CCell technology inside the L6’s Reactor, specifically designed for high viscosity oils, an industry-first porcelain ceramic mouthpiece and510 threaded connection for universal compatibility.
What is the extraction process for your live and dry concentrates?
Our premium live and dry concentrates are created through a hydrocarbon extraction process involving medical-grade butane. Every concentrate we produce is tested for residual solvents and must meet Department of Health testing thresholds before being approved for use in Pennsylvania.
What is the difference between dry and live concentrates?
Dry concentrates are extracted from flower that is carefully cured after harvest. Live concentrates are extracted from flower that is frozen after being freshly harvested. ‘Dry and Live’ concentrate designations do not refer to product consistencies.
Do you use any additives or flavoring agents in your products?
We only use 100-percent cannabis-derived terpenes in our products.
Can I recycle my empty packaging from prime products?

We sincerely appreciate you reaching out to do your part for the environment!

Prime Wellness of PA encourages all patients to verify your local recycling program requirements, as counties and townships may vary in terms of the types of products and in what conditions they accept materials. 

That said, the ECO (slim) boxes for our LLR/Dry Resin cartridges and the aluminum can part of the flower container should be accepted by most recyclers; but they may not accept the plastic flower lid or the outer label and may require you to wash out the can. 

The bottom glass jar part of the concentrate puck might be accepted, but due to the glazed white glass, some programs might exclude it. 

Unfortunately, all remaining plastic parts are most likely not recyclable.

When can I expect my favorite prime products on dispensary shelves?

Thank you for your support of our products! We really appreciate it.

Please know that the Pennsylvania Department of Health strictly forbids us from telling patients what product is going to be shipped and when it might arrive at a particular dispensary. This is understandable as the safety and security of our delivery team and the dispensaries we deliver to is paramount.

So, you will need to check with your local dispensaries for when they anticipate prime products to be delivered and available on their shelves.

Can I purchase prime products directly from your company?

Please be advised that Prime Wellness is a Pennsylvania State Grower & Processor of Medical Marijuana and as such, we may only sell our products directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulated Dispensaries, who are then responsible for providing medication to PA MMJ Patients.

Can your company refund charges to my credit card or account withdrawals?

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is a Pennsylvania State Grower & Processor of Medical Marijuana and as such, we ONLY sell our products directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulated Dispensaries (within the state of PA), who are then responsible for providing this medication to PA MMJ Patients. 

Based on previous communication with other consumers, the company you may be searching for could be either:

Prime Wellness Essences and their website is:


Prime Pure Wellness and their website is:

Please note that OUR company name is: “Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania” and our website is  

  • We do not have the capabilities or equipment set up to charge ANY credit cards here.
  • We do not have an online storefront and are not permitted to sell anything online at all.
  • We do not sell or ship anything to individual consumers at their places of residence. 
  • The only way a patient can obtain our products is by entering and purchasing from a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensary.
  • Again, we are ONLY permitted to sell to dispensaries IN Pennsylvania. 
  • We are not permitted to sell out of state or overseas.

Prime Wellness of PA recommends you check with your bank for assistance in tracing or reversing the charges.

Where can I get merchandise to represent your company and products?

We greatly appreciate your interest!  We are so glad that the medicine that we provide is truly helping patients live their best lives!

Unfortunately, per the Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations, Prime Wellness is only able to provide merchandise or swag directly to patients who attend an in-person, DOH-approved educational event (with the ongoing pandemic, these events have been limited).

Please follow our social media to receive updates on where we will be heading once events are back up and running!


How can I apply for available employment positions with your company?

Thank you for your interest in our organization!

Please be advised that all job openings are listed on our parent company, Acreage Holdings’ career center: This is the best way to keep up-to-date and also to apply for any potential job opportunities.

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