Whether you are a dreamer, an adventurer, or a healer at heart, The Botanist is on a journey of medical marijuana discovery with you. Leveraging the artful science behind Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania’s seed-to-sale process, The Botanist’s unique mix of products for Pennsylvania patients are powered by prime for quality you can trust. Say hello to The Botanist’s All-In-One Vape – where premium hardware meets fresh-extracted terpenes and potent distillate for ultimate convenience in your next dosing session.

The Botanist’s All-In-One vapes are 100% medical marijuana, featuring high-potency distillate with fresh-extracted hemp terpenes to deliver a flavorful and authentic experience. Our All-in-One vapes are fully rechargeable via micro-USB so you can enjoy 1ml of our premium-quality oil down to the last drop. Its breakthrough airflow design, powered by AVD‘s patented spiral mouthpiece, cools vapor for superior flavor. Made with Hemp-Zyme plastic alternative, The Botanist’s All-In-One was crafted for a smaller environmental impact and a greener industry. 

The Botanist’s All-in-One distillate and terpenes vapes are the most convenient delivery method for our high-potency, plant-powered blends of pure cannabinoids and steam-distilled hemp terpenes – because nature knows best.