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Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is one of the first 12 companies awarded a grower/processor permit by the state's Department of Health.

We aim to become your partner of choice by providing high quality medical marijuana products, backed by exceptional service along with joint marketing opportunities, throughout the Commonwealth.

Over seven million adults suffer from one or more of the 23 serious medical conditions approved under Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Program. As partners, we can work together to provide compassionate care to benefit the lives of others.   

Our PRIME advantage includes:

  • Best-in-breed technical expertise for cultivation, extraction and processing

  • High quality Prime-branded products in approved forms

  • Commitment to ongoing product innovation

  • Compassionate care programming

We look forward to working with you during this exciting time in Pennsylvania's new and budding medical marijuana industry.

For more information regarding requirements for dispensary owners, visit the Commonwealth's Medical Marijuana Program guide.



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