Dry Concentrates


Our line of dry cannabis concentrates include a variety of different textures or consistencies in which the cannabinoids are extracted from dried plants in a process that uses butane as the main solvent. This complex form of extraction produces potent medical marijuana products with high cannabinoid content. 

  • Shatter, Wax and Tinctures available

  • Child-proof & resealable container

  • Available in 1g and 1 fl. oz. containers



A concentrate with a flawless amber-like glass transparency obtained by leaving the molecules undisturbed once processed. With a high cannabinoid content, shatter is favored among patients seeking a large but quick dose of cannabinoids.



A concentrate with a thick, earwax-like consistency, which is the result of agitation of the molecules after processing. Agitating the concentrate encourages the oils to dry out, leaving a variety of consistencies that range from a crumbly, honeycomb-like appearance to a stick peanut butter-like texture. Exact consistency will vary from batch-to-batch. Wax products have a long shelf life and remain potent over time.



A mixture of cannabis distillate and MCT oil that can be ingested or administered under the tongue, which produces effects more quickly than other forms of cannabis. Favored for their discrete nature and ease of precision dosing, tinctures have a long shelf life. Our THC Blend tincture contains more than 500mg of THC in each 30ml bottle.


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