Premium prime Flower Products Now Available in Premium Packaging

You will notice an exciting change to our premium prime Grower’s Select flower line. Our all-new N2 packaging system is an innovative solution that ensures our medical marijuana products are delivered and available to patients in the pristine condition that you expect from Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania. This all-new, patented packaging provides some important benefits to our dispensary customers and patients, including:

  • Hermetically sealed, industry-patented packaging solution locks in product freshness and aroma for greater quality

  • 100% recyclable cans from top to bottom mean less waste 

  • Eliminates need for secondary outer packaging 

*Our new N2 packaging is compliant with all Pennsylvania Department of Health packaging and labeling regulations.




Vaporizing flower is a preferred delivery method for patients who seek immediate relief after inhalation. Flower also gives you more control over dosage.  

Our flower comes from a vast collection of unique genetics and is crafted using cultivation and process methods that are focused on quality.

  • Whole flower

  • Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains available

  • Grown in a healthy and safe growing environment 

  • Child-proof & resealable container

  • Available in 1g, 3.5g or 7g containers




Sativa strains are generally associated with increased energy and alertness,
and are often recommended for daytime use.


Indica strains are generally associated with relaxation and sleep,
and are often recommended for nighttime use.


Hybrid strains contain a mix of sativa and indica genetics. Depending on the lineage,
hybrids can take on characteristics from both strain families.


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Dry Concentrates


Our line of dry cannabis concentrates include a variety of different textures or consistencies in which the cannabinoids are extracted from dried plants in a process that uses butane as the main solvent. This complex form of extraction produces potent medical marijuana products with high cannabinoid content. 

  • Shatter, Wax and Tinctures available

  • Child-proof & resealable container

  • Available in 1g and 1 fl. oz. containers



A concentrate with a flawless amber-like glass transparency obtained by leaving the molecules undisturbed once processed. With a high cannabinoid content, shatter is favored among patients seeking a large but quick dose of cannabinoids.



A concentrate with a thick, earwax-like consistency, which is the result of agitation of the molecules after processing. Agitating the concentrate encourages the oils to dry out, leaving a variety of consistencies that range from a crumbly, honeycomb-like appearance to a stick peanut butter-like texture. Exact consistency will vary from batch-to-batch. Wax products have a long shelf life and remain potent over time.



A mixture of cannabis distillate and MCT oil that can be ingested or administered under the tongue, which produces effects more quickly than other forms of cannabis. Favored for their discrete nature and ease of precision dosing, tinctures have a long shelf life. Our THC Blend tincture contains more than 500mg of THC in each 30ml bottle.


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Live Concentrates


Our line of live concentrates are made from a process in which a freshly harvested marijuana plant is frozen and extracted to preserve the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes, compounds and flavors. The plant material is considered fresh, or live, because it has not been dried or cured. 

  • THCa Crystals (Diamonds and Sauce) and Live Resin strains available

  • Child-proof & resealable container

  • Available in 1g containers



THCa or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the non-psychoactive acid form of THC found in the plant when raw. THCa crystals are a live concentrate that contain THCa in its purest form mixed with terpenes for fuller flavor and effects. Considered fast acting and potent, patients are able to titrate the dosing based on the ratio of THCa and terpenes.



A live concentrate that contains THCa in its purest form mixed with terpenes for fuller flavor and effects. Unlike THCa crystals (Diamonds and Sauce), live resin is made with much smaller granules of crystalline to provide a more consistent texture. Live resin is favored for its high terpene content.


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Distillate Vape Cartridges


Inhaling marijuana oil through a vaporizer is a preferred delivery method for patients seeking immediate relief.

We do not bring in any outside ingredients, like synthetic terpenes, for the creation of our extract. Our terpenes are 100% cannabis-derived and extracted in house. And, our cartridges and batteries use the latest technology to ensure optimal delivery of thick oils and distillates. 

  • Pure CO2 oil

  • Blends and strain specific products available

  • Grown in a healthy and safe growing environment 

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RSO Syringes


RSO – or Rick Simpson Oil, after its founder – is a highly concentrated, potent form of medical marijuana oil. Each blend of our RSO has been specially crafted from a large assortment of prime whole flower strains, resulting in a great diversity of cannabinoids to provide patients with an optimal amount of healing potential. 

  • Pure RSO oil from whole flower strains

  • Two blends available: Balanced Blend (1:1) and THC Blend (48:1)

  • Available in 1 mL syringes 

  • Intended for oral ingestion or topical use


Distillate & Terpene Syringes  


Our distillate & terpene syringes offer users access to powerfully medicinal strains via an array of convenient application methods. Using medical grade glass syringes, users can safely precision dose our thick cannabis oil concentrates.

  • 100% cannabis derived oils, crafted from prime whole flower strains 

  • 100% cannabis derived terpenes

  • Five strain-specific products available: Orange Chem Soda, Chem De La Chem, Purple Haze, D-Wave Kush and Tres Star Highwayman

  • Available in 1 mL syringes, each containing 1.15 grams of distillate

  • Intended for vaporization or oral ingestion


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