At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, our expert cultivation team is proud to deliver prime-quality medicine cultivated to the highest standards. Our prime line features an outstanding mix of exclusive genetics and well-known strains, some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Product Spotlight series provides a preview of some of our expertly crafted, medical marijuana products for the patient community.

This spotlight focuses on one of our highest demand Grower’s Select flower offerings – which has flown off dispensary shelves, since its prime debut in September 2018 – Purple Haze #44.

Purple Haze #44

Lineage: Purple Linda x Northern Lights Haze

Dominance: Hybrid

Main Terpenes: B-Myrcene, A-Pinene, Ocimene

Description: Also known as our Cotton Candy Pheno, this prime strain has delicate buds and a scent reminiscent of grape candy and lemons, which is sure to grab patients’ attention when they open our N2 packaging. Our latest batch of Purple Haze #44 whole flower features impressive levels of ocimene in its nearly 3% total terpene content.

The ocimene content in Purple Haze #44 is indicative of its unique Sativa lineage, as a hybrid cross between an Indica and a Haze. This noteworthy terpene has been associated with potential medical benefits as an antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, decongestant, and antibacterial agent.

With its signature flavor and stunning purple hues, Purple Haze #44 is a patient-preferred strain in our Grower’s Select line of whole flower. As with all the offerings in this premier line, patients can rely on the high quality of our hand-trimmed buds that undergo a meticulous curing process.

From Our Grower: The fruity flavor profile of Purple Haze has earned it a cult appreciation within the wider cannabis industry, says Senior Director of Production and Facilities Brandon Miller. Miller’s cultivation experience in Chicago led him to develop a Purple Haze cross known as Grape Sugar Cookies, an award-winning hybrid at the 2020 Cannabis Cup in Illinois.

Fun Fact: Purple Haze #44 is one of the original strains first cultivated in our prime line of products. Our Purple Haze plants were started entirely from seed and crafted with environmentally friendly biologicals, with the health of our grow room and patients in mind.

prime Tip: Wondering when this in-demand strain will reach dispensaries in your area? Be sure to check with the patient care consultants at your local dispensary and always reference the latest menu updates, to learn more about the availability of prime products on shelves near you.