For patients living with one of the 23 qualifying conditions in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, the sheer variety of product options at your fingertips can be overwhelming. Trust our Qualified Cultivars newsletter, to give you a prime insider’s look at potentially therapeutic applications for each of our premium whole flower offerings. We’ll equip you with the strain education needed to make informed dispensary purchases, dialed in to your unique symptom needs and preferences. 

Read below for our debut installment in the Qualified Cultivars series, which overviews our in-house breeding project for Eulophia #10 — the prime blueberry  muffin pheno that’s bringing bright fruit flavors and rich myrcene content – to dispensary shelves this month. 


Hand-Selected Genetics 

The blueberry muffin pheno started from seed in our grow rooms as part of an in-house breeding project in early 2022, crossing Malawi ML and Purple Haze with the intention of harnessing the sweet flavors and potency of both parent strains. Captured in the Grower’s Select artwork we commissioned for this prime-exclusive strain, Eulophia’s name pays homage to the family of orchids that flourishes in Malawi, Africa (where the genetics of its Malawi ML parent originates).This strain’s iconic Purple Haze lineage shines through in its fruity aromas, dense trichome coverage, and impressive test results for total terpenes and cannabinoids.  

During the meticulous tracking process for the Eulophia breeding project, our team narrowed in on three distinctive Eulophia expressions.The #10 phenotype stood out among the rest as a fragrant and high-performing expression, with our first-ever batch clocking in at nearly 30% total terpenes and cannabinoids. Aptly named the blueberry muffin pheno, Eulophia #10 displays bright green flowers with purple hues and boasts indulgent flavors and aromas of blueberries, grapes, melons, licorice, and fresh-baked sweets.

Plant-Based Potential 

When it comes to the potential for accessing pain relief, Eulophia #10 is a prime candidate worth exploring with your dispensary pharmacist. This is largely due to the blueberry muffin pheno’s impressive myrcene content. Also found in bay leaves and mangoes, myrcene is an aromatic compound in the essential oils of the medical marijuana plant that has demonstrated sedative and analgesic potential in studies. This means that Eulophia #10 may potentially alleviate symptoms of pain and sleeplessness for a number of qualifying conditions in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program — including anxiety, PTSD, GI disorders, and chronic pain

Additionally, ocimene and pinene are prominent in Eulophia’s terpene profile Ocimene, also found in orchids like this strain’s namesake, has a floral-leaning sweetness and may potentially provide anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis and related conditions. The woodsy-smelling terpene pinene has also been researched for its potential to treat inflammation and may work in tandem with ocimene to produce an entourage effect of symptom relief. 

Curious about exploring Eulophia #10 and other high-quality cultivars that are prime’d to meet your symptom needs? Consult your dispensary pharmacist to learn more and follow our Instagram (@prime.wellness) to keep learning about how we’re cultivating better lives with in-house breeding projects for Pennsylvanians.