Whether you’re a long-time flower lover or a complete newbie to Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, branching out into the world of concentrates can be confusing. From navigating the differences between terms like “resin” and “rosin” to understanding the science behind our cutting-edge lab technology, our new “Extraction Explorer” series has got you covered. Each installment will walk you through the premium plant material and proprietary production methods behind our latest batches of prime concentrates, offering first-hand insights into the innovation happening at our Berks County facility.  

In today’s installment, we’re giving you the prime insider’s scoop on our brand-new solventless products, with a walkthrough of our process for making high-quality hash rosin and a preview of our first-ever prime rosin batches to hit dispensary shelves. 


No Solvents, No Synthetics and No Cut Corners

Let’s briefly overview how prime’s new rosin offerings compare to our standard method for creating concentrates. Traditional prime concentrates are extracted from plant material that is saturated with hydrocarbon solvents, like butane and ethanol. Alternatively, rosin products are extracted exclusively using heat, pressure, and filtration. In our state-of-the-art lab, solventless extraction begins with giving our freshly harvested plant material a luxurious soak in icy water. After being saturated in ice water, the material is “washed” and filtered through a series of ultrafine sieves, which carefully isolate trichome heads from undesirable plant compounds to create a potent starting point for our finished rosin. This “washed” material is then refrigerated and delicately sifted, similar to how a baker would sift flour when creating a light and airy dessert. This is a key step in removing unnecessary moisture from the product to ensure it’s dry enough for pressing. 

Operating a special machine, our extractors gradually increase hydraulic pressure and heat until the sifted product transforms into a sappy, blonde rosin. The result is a uniquely handcrafted representation of our prime plant material’s flavor and potency — with no solvents, no synthetics, and no cut corners. 

Just as our extractors carefully monitor temperature conditions at our facility, patients should be mindful of storage conditions to preserve their prime rosin’s quality after leaving the dispensary. Store solventless products in the refrigerator. Before vaporizing the refrigerated product, allow it to rest unopened at room temperature for 20 minutes to prevent moisture from accumulating on the rosin.


Go for the Gold

The packaging on our premium concentrate offerings are color-coded to indicate dry and live varieties, which are extracted from fresh frozen and cured plant material respectively. We’re so excited about our new rosin products, we packaged them in a custom gold-finished box. We believe it represents the unmatched quality of our new live rosin and what our extractors can achieve when they go for the gold!

For our first-ever rosin release, our expert team has chosen to press some of the highest-performing Thai genetics in our strain library — including the prime-exclusive cultivars Super Silver Thai #15, African Thai #15, Purple Thai #25, and Chem de la Thai #84. The Chem de la Thai #84 rosin features a pull-and-snap texture with strong aromas of gas and chem, clocking in at nearly 5% total terpenes and 76% THCa. Also of note are the flavor profiles of the Super Silver Thai #15 rosin, which are reminiscent of zesty key lime pie, and the African Thai #15 rosin, which are distinguished by notes of citrus and earthy Oolong tea.

Find a dispensary near you stocking prime rosin, by visiting our website’s dispensary locator.