Pennsylvania patients, we are proud to introduce you to our latest innovation – a curated line of medical marijuana products, powered by prime and crafted to help you live life on your terms. Get ready to go beyond with The Botanist, a brand on a mission to go beyond and discover a new vision for medical marijuana. Whether you are a dreamer, an adventurer, or a healer at heart, The Botanist is on a journey of medical marijuana discovery with you. The Botanist believes in strains that speak to everyone. Leveraging the artful science behind Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania’s seed-to-sale process, The Botanist’s unique mix of cultivars for Pennsylvania patients are hand-trimmed and packaged in nitrogen-flushed, heat-sealed mylar bags at our state-of-the-art Berks County facility — powered by Prime for quality you can trust.





Take an insider’s look at Kaliburst #49 and Londyn Blue #30 – The Botanist’s first-to-market 14g flower offerings for Pennsylvania patients that are hitting dispensary shelves this month. Kaliburst #49 flower displays bright lime color and dark peach stigmas with swollen, pointy bracts — boasting aromas of fresh tangerines and kush, with faint cheese notes.



Londyn Blue #30 flower matures into a dark purple color, featuring dense trichome coverage and light peach stigmas — boasting flavors of blueberry baked goods, and incense with notes of jam, cream, vanilla, and gas. Because your medical marijuana should be as unique as you are. Consult your dispensary pharmacist to learn more about these new offerings from The Botanist to meet your unique medical needs.