At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, our expert cultivation team is proud to deliver prime-quality medicine cultivated to the highest standards, with an outstanding mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics. This Product Spotlight series provides a preview of some of our mindfully crafted medical marijuana products we proudly provide for the patient community.

Today’s edition gives you the inside scoop on our Sour Blueberry #2 Sand, a THCA-packed concentrate with legend-inspiring aromas.

Sour Blueberry #2 THCA Sand (Diesel Pheno)

Lineage: Subrob’s Sour Diesel x Blue Dabney (Blueberry)

Dominance: Hybrid

Main Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, D-Limonene, B-Myrcene, Linalool

From Our Grower: The Diesel pheno sand tests at an impressive 96.948% THCA, crafted to deliver an effective dose for patients across a wide spectrum of conditions and symptoms. “We leave some terpenes with the intention of increased medical efficacy,” says Prime Wellness Senior Director of Production and Facilities Brandon Miller.

Miller notes that his team has received significant user feedback regarding this particular consistency of extracted Sour Blueberry #2, including praise for its potential “pain melting” effects. Patients in recovery from opioid use disorder have also identified this sand’s potential benefits.

Fun Fact: Patients may know this strain as Sour Blueberry, but the #2’s nickname as the Diesel pheno speaks to its unmistakable aromas of “gas” and skunk. It believed that the Dabney Blue lineage of this strain may be traced back to true Skunk genetics, a hybrid first popularized in the 1970s that has since been crossed countless times to produce pungent and sativa-leaning strains.

prime Tip: The unique crystalline texture of prime THCA sand gives patients more precise control over how much medicine they vaporize, with the ability to titrate their dose by granule. Consult your dispensary pharmacist to determine what dose might best benefit your unique medical needs.