SINKING SPRING, PA – Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania has announced the launch of a line of concentrates for sale to medical marijuana dispensaries across Pennsylvania. The new products are available in dry form as wax, shatter and tincture, and in live concentrates in THCa crystals (diamonds and sauce), and live resin. These therapeutics are the latest addition to the company’s growing prime family of products, which also includes strain-specific vape cartridges, whole flower, distillate and terpene syringes, and RSO extract.

Concentrates, which contain high levels of THC and a combination of other cannabinoids and terpenes, are one of the fastest growing product segments in the medical marijuana market. With the introduction of concentrates, Prime Wellness joins only a handful of medical marijuana grower/processors in the Commonwealth offering these products and is well-positioned to become a leader in this burgeoning product segment.

“There’s a great demand for concentrates and we’re responding to it, by bringing only the highest quality medical marijuana to the patients of Pennsylvania in this approved form,” said Sharon Ali, Regional General Manager, Pennsylvania & Maryland, Acreage Holdings, Inc., Prime Wellness’ parent company. “We’re continually innovating our product offerings to ensure a wide range of options and consumption methods to provide the most benefit.”

Importantly, concentrates enable cannabis-tolerant patients in acute pain to consume smaller amounts of the medicine for a more rapid onset of effects, compared to other medical marijuana products, according to Corey Burchman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Acreage Holdings, Inc.

“Given our ability to enhance terpene profiles and push CBD/THC concentrations higher, the future of concentrates as a means of cannabinoid formulation is exciting,” Burchman said.

Patients should check with their local dispensary for availability.