One of our top priorities at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is producing a diverse library of expertly-crafted strains, which enables patient access to a range of potential medical benefits. Part of our commitment to supplying dispensaries with the highest quality cultivars bred in our grow rooms, is equipping the patient community with the latest educational resources on our prime line of medical marijuana and the expert attention to detail that drives our processes. 

In this edition of our prime Numbers newsletter, we’re sharing insight into the prime numbers included at the end of our strain names. Patients may be wondering what these numbers mean or how they’re assigned to a given strain. Read on as we decode these numbers and take you through our expert pheno hunting process. We’ll also provide an exclusive look at our newest strain that’s headed to dispensary shelves soon.

The Numbers:
Ever notice that names of your favorite prime strains include numbers at the end, like Sour Blueberry #2 or Chem de la Chem #5? These are pheno numbers. Pheno is an abbreviation for phenotype, a term that refers to unique expressions of a certain strain. The strain’s phenos can express different flower structures, aromas, flavors, and even terpenes – similar to how siblings with the same DNA may exhibit different traits.  

Our prime pheno numbers are usually assigned when we plant the seeds for a new strain. Each seed receives a unique number that our team will use to track the development of our plants, monitoring any distinctions that arise throughout their maturity. 

The Process:
Once the seeds have been numbered, the pheno hunt is on. Pheno hunting refers to the process of cultivating a host of seeds from the same genetic lineage with the intention of finding the best expression that strain has to offer. Our prime pheno hunting process demands close attention from our growers throughout the life cycle of our plants, requiring months and – in some cases – years to identify a desired trait.

During the pheno hunt, our cultivators hone in on distinctive traits that may maximize a strain’s therapeutic potential. When the desired phenos are identified, we create equally unique pheno names for these cultivars that give patients a better idea of what prime experience they might provide – such as the maple syrup flavor in our French Toast pheno (PT Starqueen #22). 

The Latest:
Patients can look for two new prime phenos next month, headed from our facility to dispensaries around the Commonwealth. We will release phenos #45 and #28 of our newest strain, Ghost Thai (D Ghost Hindu x African Thai), which was bred in-house exclusively for the prime line. The #45 and #28 phenos embody the flower color and structure of their Chem D lineage, inherited from their D Ghost Hindu parent. 

With distinct flavors ranging from leather to lemon, these phenos represent the outstanding variety created by our prime process. Stay tuned to our social media pages for a special announcement in March, when these Ghost Thai phenos make their dispensary debut.