At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, we are constantly innovating to provide patients and caregivers with access to a diverse library of expertly-crafted strains, each featuring a range of potential therapeutic benefits. Combining passion and science, we are proud to supply dispensaries across the Commonwealth with high-quality cannabis products that have been carefully curated from seed-to-sale. 

Have you ever wondered what our seed-to-sale process looks like? Today’s edition of our prime Numbers’ newsletter gives insight into our production chain and all that goes into supplying dispensaries – and ultimately, patients – with our carefully crafted, high-quality cannabis products. We’ll walk you through the development of our newest Urban Legend phenos, from their start as germinated seeds to becoming our harvested and hand-trimmed whole flower. 

Read on to learn more about how our Urban Legend phenos have been bred, grown and harvested in PA. 


Cultivating from Seed

The impressive collection of strains in our prime library have been hand-selected from global varieties. Some cultivars stem from a distant geographic lineage, like the Afghanica roots behind our Double Afghan Chunk or Kunduz D cultivars. At our facility, each prime strain always starts from the same origin: seed.

This is in contrast to the clones, or cuttings from a pre-existing mother plant, relied upon by many of today’s modern cannabis growers to create their genetic library. Clones may be more susceptible to pathogens or the introduction of pests into a crop. 


Our seed-to-sale commitment is an integral part of keeping our grow environment healthy and prioritizing the patient’s well-being. By germinating seeds for each of our prime cultivars, we naturally mitigate opportunities for pests and pathogens to harm our plants. Coupled with the environmentally-friendly biologicals used by our cultivators, this seed-based process ensures the health of our plants and the quality of the flower yields we bring to market. 

Starting from seed also allows our expert team to embark on exclusive in-house breeding projects, crossing and creating new cultivars that encompass a range of unique flavors with potential medical benefits for Commonwealth patients. 


Breeding the Urban Legend Phenos: 

The latest strain innovations headed from our grow room to dispensary shelves are our new Urban Legend cultivars, which hit stores just in time for this year’s 4/20 celebrations. These phenos were selectively bred through our careful pheno hunting process, which began with propagating seeds. 

Our cultivators then separated the developing male plants from the females. These female plants were assigned a unique pheno number that allows our team to assess their characteristics throughout development. By closely monitoring and logging the unique development of these individual plants, our team narrowed down the Urban Legend plants to three phenos that embody the most desirable traits of their Marie Laveau and Legend of 91 parents. For example, the #48 cultivar – or bubba kush pheno – displays a tight structure reminiscent of its Afghan heritage and boasts distinct flavors of incense, gas, and cream. 


Once the female plants with desired expressions were identified, we cloned them to grow a subsequent batch for performance testing. Since all the cultivars for this cross displayed desirable characteristics and met quality standards, we released them to the market for research and feedback. Patient responses to this launch will help determine which females will be produced moving forward.


Visit our flower page to access detailed descriptions for each expertly crafted cultivar in our trio of new Urban Legend phenos.