The prime approach is rooted in science to potentially improve the quality of life for patients and caregivers in Pennsylvania. Our medicine is crafted to the highest standards, drawing on a broad mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics you won’t find anywhere else. Batch notes are just one of the signature ways our experts go the extra mile to ensure patients can get the most out of their medical marijuana purchases. Every week, our prime team members meet to assess our latest product shipments and create custom batch notes for every prime offering that leaves our facility. These batch notes outline product details such as variations in concentrate color and texture, as well as flower structure and aromas. They can help patients make informed dispensary purchases by identifying products that may potentially meet their unique medical needs and preferences. 

To make this resource more accessible, we’re launching a newsletter series that will give patients the highlights from our team’s latest batch note sessions for upcoming shipments of prime products. Each edition will feature “blendmaster” insights from our extraction lab leads and cultivation experts. Whether you are new to the plant or are looking to expand your knowledge of our prime product library, this educational series will give you a look at the types of products we offer and insight into how they may be used.

Read the debut edition of our prime Sessions newsletter below to get the scoop on which premium extracts we’re sending to dispensaries across the Commonwealth in the upcoming weeks.


The Scoop on our Upcoming Concentrates


Who better to break down our concentrate creations than John Watson, our Sr. Processing Manager and one of the prime professionals at the forefront of our weekly batch note-development meetings. 

Watson says that patients can look forward to a batch of Papa Legba #8 Au Live Resin among next week’s live concentrate selections. Au batches of concentrates have undergone an alternative extraction process, providing a more raw expression of the plant’s living terpene profile. Watson describes the color of this batch as “bright orange-like fresh squeezed orange juice,” and markedly brighter than most of the Au batches that have come from our lab since the debut of this product designation. A patient-preferred Grower’s Select strain, Papa Legba #8 features distinctive aromas of zesty lemon and kush that deliver on its lemon voodoo pheno name. Its terpene profile features humulene, a less common aromatic compound in medical marijuana that smells similar to hops and has been studied for its anti-inflammatory potential

Another Grower’s Select concentrate that will be hitting dispensary shelves soon is our Scarlet Fire #7 dry badder, the prime watermelon pheno. A cross between Red-Headed Stranger and unknown Mexican genetics, this staple in our genetic library boasts flavors of peppery watermelon rind, haze, and marzipan in dry varieties. This dry badder showcases our extractor’s expertise, embodying terpene content that is generally only made available by live-plant extraction methods. Watson notes that this dry badder’s unique terpene profile exhibits “more of the earthiness of the [Scarlet Fire] flower than the usual melon-forward sweetness that is dominant in live extract products of this strain.” A contributor to its peppery flavors, this strain features notable amounts of the spicy terpene caryophyllene. This terpene is the only one known to activate the body’s endocannabinoid system, which contains naturally occurring cannabis-like substances that help regulate important functions ranging from digestion and inflammation to mood. 

Wrapping up this prime Session with the king of our cannabis genetics, Watson calls out a premium live resin that is sure to catch the eye of all sativa lovers – our African Thai #15 live resin. The result of a small batch Colorado breeding project from relatively unknown genetics, African Thai features a landrace Thai lineage and impressive essential oil content that shine through in its extraction performance. This Grower’s Select strain has a prime reputation for yielding extracts with impressive values for both THC and terpenes, and this batch of live resin is no exception. African Thai’s terpene profile is dominated by myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and humulene. Myrcene in particular has demonstrated an analgesic effect in studies, meaning that African Thai may potentially provide pain relief. 

Want to learn more about the prime products you can find in our upcoming deliveries? Read our latest batch notes, which are available on our website’s products page, and consult your dispensary pharmacist regarding your unique medical needs.