The Commonwealth’s medical marijuana program is advancing at an astounding rate with new patients and new products arriving in dispensaries every day. While we keep things growing as a leading provider of premium-quality medicine, Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is also committed to equipping patients with resources that will help them navigate the ins and outs of medical marijuana in the Commonwealth.  

Our latest newsletter series, “The A-to-Zs of Medical Marijuana,” will walk you through the potential benefits and unique qualities of each prime product form on dispensary menus. In this edition, you’ll learn about the 100% cannabis-derived terpene and cannabinoid content that stands out in our diverse range of cartridge offerings. 


What are Cartridges?


Our prime cartridges consist of industry-standard hardware that is pre-filled with premium single source oil, a liquid medical marijuana extract that can be vaporized. Batteries must be attached to the cartridges to heat the oil to a temperature that produces a cannabinoid-laced vapor. This vaporization activates the psychoactive, potentially therapeutic compounds in the cartridge oil. A high quality battery can make the vaporization experience more user friendly, ensuring smooth inhales and preservation of the oil’s quality. Made with food-grade glass and stainless steel, our quality cartridge hardware features universal 510 threading– making prime cartridges compatible with a variety of batteries, available for purchase at your local dispensary.

Offered in live and dry resin forms, prime cartridges offer a range of diverse flavors and aromas. Live resin cartridges are crafted from flower that has been frozen directly after harvest, using our world class hydrocarbon extraction process, to preserve harvest-fresh flavors. Dry resin cartridges come from plant material that has been cured after harvest, producing distinctive terpene and cannabinoid profiles from live-extracted products. 


What Makes prime Cartridges Premium? 


All prime cartridges are 100% cannabis-derived, meaning our extractors never introduce synthetic additives or reconstituted terpenes to our live and dry resin products. Each prime cartridge is crafted to the highest standards of quality with the health of patients in mind– using plant material that was bred, grown, and harvested for Pennsylvanians. 

In addition to strain-specific cartridges, our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab produces innovative blends that are available only from the prime line. Our Extractor’s Blend cartridges combine the unique qualities of two or more premier prime strains into one expertly crafted oil. Extractor’s Blends are limited run, exclusive products that provide a one-time experience of patient-preferred strains in an entirely new form. 

This week, patients can look forward to seeing several prime product innovations on dispensary menus across the Commonwealth– including exclusive Extractor’s Blend cartridges like the terpene-rich Blue Londyn blend (Londyn Lei #4 + Sour Blueberry #2).  


What are the Potential Benefits? 


With no synthetic or added ingredients, our 100% cannabis-derived cartridges have the potential to provide patients with symptom relief via a discreet and simple delivery method. This product may be ideal for patients looking to gradually adjust their dosage, as they can start low and go slow,  when inhaling the vapor.

Our prime live and dry resin are extracted forms of medical marijuana oil, highly concentrated with potentially therapeutic compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are secreted in the same glands of the cannabis plant that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Terpenes may alter permeability of the blood-brain barrier and potentially work with cannabinoids that may produce therapeutic effects. For example, Legend of 91 #9 (Dutch Fire pheno) cartridges contain notable amounts of the terpene myrcene. Also found in basil and mangoes, this sweet terpene may potentially make our Dutch Fire cartridges an option for patients experiencing symptoms of insomnia and chronic pain.

Patients should always consult their dispensary pharmacist to determine which products might potentially work for them.