The Commonwealth’s medical marijuana program is advancing at an astounding rate – with new patients and products headed to dispensaries every day. To learn about the potential benefits and unique qualities of each prime product form on dispensary menus, follow our latest newsletter series, “The A-to-Zs of Medical Marijuana.” 

This installment will introduce you to our prime medical marijuana ingestibles— featuring distillate and terpenes, RSO, and tinctures— which provide another method for patients to dose their preferred strains from our carefully curated genetic library. 


What are Ingestibles?

“Ingestibles” is an umbrella term used to describe medical marijuana products that patients can consume by digesting or otherwise absorbing the product through the mouth— including sublingual (underneath the tongue) and and buccal (along the gum line) absorption. Ingestibles differ from other medical marijuana forms because they do not require decarboxylation or exposure to heat to access their potential medical benefits. 

Some prime ingestibles that patients may encounter on dispensary menus include our THC-blend RSO, strain-specific as well as blended distillate and terpenes, and THC-blend tinctures. Our prime RSO— named Rick Simpson Oil after its founder— is a thick, dark brown medical marijuana oil that is extracted with food-grade ethanol. Our distillate and terpenes — available in medical-grade glass applicators for convenient dosing — offer users access to the same therapeutic potential contained in our high-quality flower strains in the form of a thick medical marijuana oil. Our prime tinctures are a liquid carefully crafted from 100% medical marijuana-derived distillate and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil — extracted from coconuts. 


What Makes prime Ingestibles Premium? 

The quality of prime ingestibles starts with our healthy grow environment and commitment to 100% medical marijuana-derived terpenes. We apply the same meticulous care that goes into our premium whole flower to producing our diverse range of thick oils and full-spectrum extracts. Patients can rely on our prime line of ingestibles to deliver a range of potentially therapeutic compounds that were derived solely from our expertly grown plant material— with no synthetics, no additives, and no cut corners. 

Additionally, our high-performing genetics and extractors’ expertise generate ingestibles with impressive concentrations of potentially therapeutic compounds— like the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These impressive test results mean that prime ingestibles may potentially enable patients with a higher tolerance to consume smaller amounts of medicine and still experience long-term symptom relief compared to other medical marijuana products. For example, our THC-blend RSO can potentially provide effects for patients with a dose as small as a grain of rice. For more information on dosing prime RSO, patients and caregivers can refer to our handy “Cannabinoid Calculator.”


What are the Potential Benefits of Ingestibles? 

Ingestibles may be an ideal product form for patients, who cannot inhale medical marijuana vapor due to pain or respiratory symptoms resulting from their qualifying condition. Ingestible product forms may also be a useful option for patients with limited dexterity as they require little to no preparation or need for devices— like vaporizers or grinders— to be consumed. Because  they are odorless and vaporless, these product forms may also offer a more discreet way to dose. 

Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania recommends that patients “start low and go slow,” when it comes to determining their unique medical dosage— and always consult their dispensary pharmacist to best identify which products might potentially work for them.