For every batch of prime products we release to market, patients can trust that there is a wealth of care and attention behind every strain to ensure quality and consistency. Through our “Behind the Strains” newsletter series, patients can take an in-depth look at the expert combination of passion and science that fueled the creation of our most popular cultivars — outlining descriptive traits, terpenes, and lineage for each featured strain.

In this edition, we offer readers a prime insider’s look at a Grower’s Select cultivar that was bred in house — providing a trio of distinctive phenotypes that were refined in our extraction lab. Read on to learn more about our exclusive Chem de la Thai expressions. 


Planting the Seed: Chem de la Thai is a prime hybrid that truly showcases the worldwide scope of our unique genetic library — the result of crossing Grower’s Select staple African Thai with the indica-leaning traits of Chem de la Chem. Chem de la Thai combines the iconic flavors of sour diesel and lemony fuel that patients may recognize in its parent strains. Our Director of Production John Watson notes that “there is rich complexity within the ‘chem’ descriptor” and “all three of the Chem de la Thai phenotypes provide examples of that spectrum of flavors.”


Taking Root: We take great pride in each step of our selection processes, including pheno hunting. This technique begins in the cultivation process, when our growers cultivate a host of seeds from the same genetic lineage with the intention of finding the best expression that strain has to offer. Watson says that the pheno hunt for Chem de la Thai was among his favorite ones from our in-house breeding program thus far., On the hunt, our experts went  from our grow rooms into our state-of-the-art hydrocarbon extraction lab, where  they carefully extracted each individual Chem de la Thai expression to home in on the absolute best candidates for our live concentrate products. 

After meticulous tracking by our experts, a trio of phenomenal Chem de la Thai expressions emerged above the rest— the triangle, tennis ball, and zhrimp ramen phenos. The #4 triangle pheno features dense buds that pack piney flavors of nutmeg and kush. Its pheno name “pays homage to the old school Triangle Kush cut that was the foundation for many kush crosses seen today,” according to Watson. The #74 tennis ball pheno boasts distinctive aromas of gas and leather, with glistening buds that display strong trichome coverage. Watson recalls that his team was astounded when opening a can of the Chem de la Thai #74 by “how much the sound of our N2 seal, coupled with the smell of the flower, reminded us of opening a can of tennis balls.” The #84 zhrimp ramen pheno packs complex flavor notes of soy sauce and ginger, earning this strain its eye-catching secondary name. 


Budding Medical Potential: The most abundant terpenes that Chem de la Thai inherited from its parent strains include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene which have all been studied for their potential to produce an entourage effect with THC and modulate how this psychoactive compound interacts with receptors throughout the body. Research shows that myrcene and caryophyllene may potentially provide a sedative effect, while limonene has demonstrated the potential to reduce anxiety in clinical research. Each of these Grower’s Select phenos also feature notable amounts of humulene- a terpene that smells like hops and may potentially help manage inflammation for arthritis and related conditions. 

Patients can look forward to several products containing these prime-exclusive genetics on dispensary shelves in the coming weeks — including high-testing flower batches of Chem de la Thai #74 and #84. This latest release of our #84 zhrimp ramen pheno clocks in at over 29% THCa and pungent notes of gas that you won’t want to miss. 

Consult your dispensary pharmacist to learn more and determine whether these products might work for your unique medical needs.