Take an in-depth look at our most in-demand strains, with our  ‘Bred, Grown, & Coveted’ newsletter series. Each installment tells the origin story for our in-house bred genetics, detailing how our most patient-preferred strains were cultivated from seed to sale. 

Read our debut installment below to learn about the newest agent to join our exclusive lineup of strains — Double Oh 7, a cultivar that’s prime’d and ready to potentially meet your symptom needs.


How it was Handcrafted

Double Oh 7 is a cross between Urban Legend #24 and Londyn Lei, a hybrid that our expert cultivators selectively bred to inherit notes of flavor favorites peanut butter and jelly. This selective breeding process started with germinating a host of seeds, which matured into thriving plants through our proprietary cultivation processes that rely solely on environmentally-friendly biologicals. Plants were then separated by sex characteristics, and each female plant was assigned a pheno number that allowed our team to assess their characteristics throughout development. By closely monitoring and logging the unique development of these individual plants, our team narrowed down the offspring of Urban Legend and Londyn Lei into the strains known today as Double Oh 7 #63 and #65. 

Dubbed the prime GasBerry pheno, Double Oh 7 #63 boasts especially strong gas notes with subtle aromas of peanut butter and creamy yogurt. Double Oh 7 #65 is aptly named the PB&J pheno due to its prominent taste and aromas of peanut butter and sweet berries followed by faint kush notes. 

The #65 pheno is the higher-performing Double Oh 7 expression, with our first-ever batch clocking in at nearly 2.5% total terpenes and 25% THCa. In its rich terpene content, patients can look forward to dominant amounts of myrcene. This sweet-smelling terpene also naturally occurs in mangoes and bay leaves, with the potential to modulate receptors throughout the body for sedation or pain relief.


Why it’s Highly Demanded

Each can of premium whole flower that we put to market is mindfully crafted to the highest standards, backed by science to achieve potential medical benefits for the patient. After popping the nitrogen seal on our prime cans of Double Oh 7 flower, you can see the unmatched product quality and intact trichome coverage achieved through hand-trimming. To preserve naturally occurring plant compounds and structures, we are one of the only medical marijuana growers in the Commonwealth that trims each of our flower products exclusively by hand — with no machines involved at any step of the trimming process. This attention to detail for each flower is just another example of our commitment to advancing health and wellness across the Commonwealth. And it’s why strains of our premium whole flower like Double Oh 7 are so highly demanded by patients, who want to see the optimal expression of the flower structure and trichome coverage. 

We adjust our hand-trimming approach to meet the unique needs of different strains. For example, our expert processing technicians have developed specific ways of trimming Double Oh 7 #65 that account for this pheno’s densely stacked flower structure. Instructions on this cultivar’s strain notes indicate careful removal of its “crows feet” — fan leaves that appear like little feet at the base of the flower structure — without creating gaps and to gently remove darkened or veiny leaves with the tips of their scissors. 

It’s one more innovative measure that Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is taking to continue elevating the Commonwealth medical marijuana program’s standards for excellence and providing the optimal product quality patients expect. Pick up a can of our hand-trimmed Double Oh 7 flower at your next dispensary visit and experience the prime difference!