Every week, our prime team members meet to assess our latest product shipments and create custom batch notes for every prime offering that leaves our facility. These notes can help patients make informed dispensary purchases by identifying products that may potentially meet their unique medical needs and preferences.

Our “prime Sessions” newsletter provides the latest product insights from our “blend master” experts, giving Pennsylvania patients a closer look into what’s next to leave our facility. In this edition, we’re giving you an exclusive look at our newest dispensary drops — including our live resin disposable vape cartridges and 7 gram flower cans.

Innovative Delivery Systems and Larger Doses

If you’ve been looking for a new way to dose your favorite prime strains, our new disposable live resin cartridges might be just the refresher your medication routine needs. Fully rechargeable, our disposable live resin vape cartridges were designed with your on-the-go medication needs in mind. Each of our sleek, slim-fit disposables is pre-filled with our premium live resin extract — packing terpene-rich medical marijuana oil with the potential to provide fasting-acting relief.

Crafted from flower that has been frozen directly after harvest, our 100% medical marijuana-derived oil has the potential to provide patients with symptom relief via a discreet and simple delivery method. This product is ideal for patients who experience frequent symptom flare-ups that may require several dosing sessions throughout their day, without requiring the extra hassle of remembering the standard 510 battery necessary for vaporizing other cartridge offerings on the market.

Keep an eye on your local store’s menu for our new 7 gram flower units, which offer a larger dose of our patient-preferred cultivars.  After popping the nitrogen seal on these convenient cans, patients can see the unmatched product quality and intact trichome coverage achieved by our expert team’s commitment to hand-trimming each cultivar. Our harvesting processes are designed to preserve naturally occurring plant compounds — including terpenes and cannabinoids like THC — to provide you with the maximum therapeutic potential possible. It’s why we are proud to be one of the only medical marijuana growers in the Commonwealth that trims each flower product exclusively by hand, with no machines involved at any step of the trimming process.

Ask your dispensary pharmacist to learn more about the potential in both our prime live resin disposable vape cartridges and 7 gram flower units, and find the right fit for your unique medical needs.