At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, our expert cultivation team is proud to deliver prime-quality medicine cultivated to the highest standards. Our prime line features an outstanding mix of exclusive genetics and well-known strains, some of which you won’t find anywhere else.

This Product Spotlight series provides a preview of some of our expertly crafted, medical marijuana products for the patient community.

Our latest spotlight focuses on one of the newest Bred in PA strains of prime whole flower that’s hitting dispensary shelves across the Commonwealth next week: Witch Doctor #2.

Witch Doctor #2 (Cantaloupe Pheno)

Lineage: Malawi Memory Loss x Marie Laveau

Dominance: Hybrid

Main Terpenes: B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Ocimene

From Our Grower: Dubbed the cantaloupe pheno for its distinctive melon flavors, Witch Doctor #2 is a unique hybrid between two iconic prime strains. This strain made its debut back in July, joining our premier line of Bred in PA products. Witch Doctor’s genetics were bred, grown, and harvested in Pennsylvania exclusively for patients of the Commonwealth.

This strain’s buds mirror the tight structure of its parent Marie Laveau, an indica that packs pungent aromas of garlic. Witch Doctor’s flavor profile nods to its sativa lineage from Malawi Memory Loss, with notes of sweet cedar and licorice.

The cantaloupe pheno has tested for hefty amounts of myrcene – a terpene that may potentially help manage pain, insomnia, and appetite. Registering at nearly 20% THCa, the latest batch of Witch Doctor #2 Flower is a prime product you’ll want to ask your patient care consultant about.

Fun Fact: The genetics of Witch Doctor’s parent strain, Malawi Memory Loss, were originally cultivated in the African nation of Malawi. This strain’s name pays homage to cultural practices of shamanism throughout Malawi’s history.

prime Tip: Are you new to prime packaging? Our hand-trimmed, high quality flower is packaged in airtight recyclable N2 cans that have been nitrogen-sealed to preserve the terpenes. Be sure to line up the vertical arrows on the prime lids to access your medicine.