At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, our expert cultivation team is proud to deliver prime-quality medicine curated to the highest standards, with an outstanding mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics. Our process is rooted in passion and expertise to ensure that every patient has a prime experience. 

This week, we’re excited to reintroduce one of the earliest strains from our original library that is now making a comeback on dispensary shelves across the Commonwealth. Read on to learn more about a prime indica strain of premium whole flower that packs flavors reminiscent of the iconic strain OG Kush: L.A. Biker #2 Flower. 


L.A. Biker #2 Flower

Lineage: L.A. Affair x Biker Kush

Dominance: Indica

Main Terpenes:  B-Myrcene, D-Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Linalool


From Our Grower: L.A. Biker #2 is a cross between L.A. Affair and the iconically potent Biker Kush, an Afghanistan-originated strain  cultivar sourced from Karma Genetics seed bank. L.A. Biker’s lineage reflects the diverse genetic mixing that California cultivators are renowned for. 

Its flower structure displays key visual traits of its parents, including larger bracts – the area where the flowering bud develops and the part of the plant where the majority of oil production occurs. L.A. Biker also inherited a classic OG Kush flavor from its parentage, which could be characterized as a complex earthiness with notes of fuel and lemon. This distinctive pop of citrus flavor can be attributed in part to the limonene content in this strain’s terpene profile,  a compound that makes up the “essential oils” of the cannabis plant and packs zesty fruit flavors. 

Beyond hand-selecting genetics, our prime team employs an expert process of live-plant extraction or flower curing that may impact the flavors of our products. For example, L.A. Biker #2 flower is dominated by notes of OG Kush and grape in its live form – a flavor profile that shines when its plant material is fresh frozen at harvest for our extraction runs. When cured and packaged in our nitrogen-sealed N2 cans, this flower takes on unique notes of bubble gum.


Fun Fact: L.A. Biker Kush #2 flower has tested for notable amounts of the floral terpene linalool, the content of which may contribute to its bubble gum flavor notes. Research has shown that Linalool is also found in lavender and has properties that may potentially reduce anxiety and enhance mood