Every prime product delivered to dispensaries features a seal that states our commitment to handcrafting high-quality medical marijuana that is bred, grown, and harvested in Pennsylvania. Our prime Numbers newsletter explores the attention to detail and expertise that drives every step of our exclusive in-house breeding program, from germinating seeds to getting our most desirable phenos into the hands of Commonwealth patients. 

In this edition, we’ll share insight into the careful cultivation practices that were used to select Kunduz D (Kunduz IBL (D) x Marie Laveau). Boasting some of the most complex flavors in our flower library, this pinene-rich strain carries a unique lineage that was hand-selected for our Grower’s Select line. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Kunduz D a prime addition to our global collection of diverse varieties – be prepared to learn all about our plant genetics! 


Distinctive Lineage:

Kunduz D was first introduced to the prime product line in August 2018, making this hybrid one of the earliest cultivars in our library. The history of this strain reaches as far as Afghanistan, where its Indica-dominant genetics were hand-selected. This cultivar, pronounced “koon-doose,” actually shares its name with the city in Northern Afghanistan. Naming a strain based on geographic origin is a typical practice for landrace strains.  

Our Kunduz phenos (Kunduz IBL (D) x Marie Laveau) were crossed from Marie Laveau, a garlic-flavored Indica that’s played a critical role in our in-house breeding program. The “IBL” descriptor in the Kunduz IBL (D) parent’s name stands for “inbred line,” meaning that this parent plant produces offspring with consistent phenotypes or expressions. The “D” nomenclature was assigned to this Kunduz parent to distinguish it as the mother plant, or genetic source from which identical Kunduz plants are cloned. Our growers originally propagated four different “Kunduz” versions, labeled “A” through “D.” Patients may remember Kunduz B was one of the earliest releases in our strain library. The D line was ultimately designated as the best carrier of the most desirable Kunduz traits, as evident in our #13 Tree Sap pheno and #11 Chocolate Swamp Pheno- strong trichome coverage and resin-producing glands, terpene and cannabinoid potency, complex flavors of pine.


Novel Flavors:

After the cultivation and curing stages are completed, our team moves on to the process of creating batch notes. Before shipping out our hand-trimmed premium whole flower, prime team members write custom batch notes for each product shipment that leaves our facility. These batch notes outline product details such as variations in concentrate color and texture, as well as flower structure and aromas.

During previous batch note sessions, the Kunduz D #11 cultivar was dubbed our Chocolate Swamp pheno. A more limited offering in our production lineup, the chocolate swamp pheno is characterized by the intriguing mix of flavors it takes on after our careful curing process – highlighted by notes of musty basement, chocolate, and wasabi. Nicknamed our Tree Sap pheno, the #13 flower packs some of the most distinctive flavors in our prime library. Our latest batch features aromas reminiscent of pine sap, beach towel, and cantaloupe. Call ahead to confirm availability of this Grower’s Select cultivar at a dispensary near you, once the Tree Sap pheno returns to stores across the Commonwealth this month.