Have you noticed a Grower’s Select label on your latest prime purchase from a local dispensary? This label indicates premium product offerings that have been handcrafted and curated with care, through years of cultivation experience and selective breeding. With a global collection of strains that have been hand-selected for PA patients, the unique genetics in our Grower’s Select products enable a prime user experience that’s rooted in passion and expertise.

Today, we’re elevating your prime product knowledge on a Grower’s Select strain that debuted on dispensary shelves in April 2020, among the first cultivars that were handcrafted exclusively for Pennsylvania patients through our in-house program of selective breeding.

PT Starqueen #22 Pheno (French Toast)
PT STARQUEEN #22 (french toast pheno)

Lineage: African Thai x PT Stardawg

Terpene Content: B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Pinene

From Our Grower: With light flavors of light and fluffy butter and mouth-watering maple notes, PT Starqueen #22 has been aptly named our prime French Toast pheno. This pheno is also unique from the #28 in its LA Kush dominant structure and pinene content. This terpene may potentially provide alertness. The french toast pheno displays an inordinate amount of trichomes, a trait inherited from its grandfather strain Tang Tang. Tang genetics were also bred to create such legendary strains that patients might recognize as Mob Boss and Highwayman.

PT Starqueen #28 (Dutch Peach)
PT STARQUEEN #28 (dutch peach pheno)

Lineage: African Thai x PT Stardawg

Terpene Content: B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene

From Our Grower: Our unique cannabis genetics deliver another #Grower’s Select experience with flavors of fresh peach and OG Kush in our PT Starqueen #28 Dutch Peach pheno. Reminiscent of the legendary LA Kush, the #28 pheno was selectively bred by our team of cultivation experts to yield impressively large buds that are distinguished from the #22 pheno by their light orange pistils. This kush-like flower structure is an inherited trait of the starqueen’s parent strain, PT Stardawg. The latest batch of the Dutch Peach pheno features stronger notes of funk and tangy citrus, with nearly 2% total terpenes.

Fun Fact: The African Thai parent strain used to breed both starqueen phenos is a prime exclusive, cultivated from seed in our Berks County grow room. The male African Thai plant crossed to produce PT Starqueen is believed to be from an inbred Thai line, perpetuated by an unknown forum breeder known as “Gold King.”