The Story Behind the Strain: Purple Haze

Interested in learning more about how Purple Haze, Scarlet Fire and Marie Laveau came to be?  Each of our prime strains has a story that dates back to long before we debuted our signature line of premium products at dispensaries in July 2018. Our expert cultivation team has spent over a decade developing one of the most complete and unique collections of cannabis genetics in the U.S., and we have used those seeds to create an exclusive line of products you won’t find anywhere else in Pennsylvania.

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Leah FassnachtComment
Talking Terpenes

Ever wondered why certain medical marijuana plants give off their own distinctive aroma? The answer is terpenes. The aromatic compounds found in medical marijuana plants give each strain a unique scent. When you smell hints of citrus, apple, nutmeg or hops in our products, you’re actually noticing the terpenes. Terpenes may also provide a host of medical benefits that may help alleviate your symptoms. You can find the full terpene profile on the label of all our prime products.

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