At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, we are passionate about breeding expertly-crafted strains to address a variety of qualifying conditions that afflict Commonwealth patients. We not only supply dispensaries with premium medical marijuana, but also are committed to equipping patients with educational resources about our prime products. Our prime Numbers newsletter gives readers insight into the cultivation expertise behind the distinct phenos of each prime strain in our library of hand-selected genetics.

In today’s edition, we’re showcasing a longstanding patient favorite that is returning to dispensary shelves this spring in the form of our live resin cartridges: Orange Chem S. Read on to learn about the Orange Chem S #1 and #5 phenos that were selectively bred for their unique expressions.

The Strain: Orange Chem S, a cross between (Orange Ghost x Lashkargah White 91) and Amnesia Sour Diesel, is among the earliest seeds introduced to our library. This strain’s Lashkargah parent was also crossed with Big Poppa (Garlic) OG to create the patient-preferred prime strain, Marie Laveau. Orange Chem S is a hybrid strain, with strong trichome coverage and densely packed buds. Its #1 and #5 phenos have inherited unique sativa and indica-leaning expressions that distinguished them in our team’s pheno hunting process. 

The Orange Pheno: Dubbed the orange pheno, Orange Chem S #1 speaks to the sativa lineage of this hybrid strain. This lineage can be traced to Kali Mist, a spicy sativa that placed first at the 1995 Cannabis Cup. Patients might remember Kali Mist was also used to breed a limited-edition prime shipment of Kali Jack extract in summer 2020. The orange pheno profile features notes of citrus oil and grease, with notable levels of terpinolene. Less common among popularly-bred strains, researchers are studying this terpene for its potential to combat cancer cell progression. 

The Pink Pheno: Orange Chem S #5 is aptly named the pink pheno, due to the pink and magenta hues of its flowers. With flavors of gas and cream, the #5 pheno’s flavor profile expresses the Indica heritage from its Lashkargah parent. Some refer to Lashkargah as an “Afghanica” because this landrace strain’s seeds were originally bred in southern Afghanistan. The pink pheno’s Afghanica roots contribute to the high levels of myrcene in its terpene profile. This terpene may potentially provide sedative and muscle-relaxing effects.