Every week, our prime team members meet to assess our latest product shipments and create custom batch notes for every prime offering that leaves our facility. These notes can help patients make informed dispensary purchases by identifying products that may potentially meet their unique medical needs and preferences— from concentrate color and texture, to flower structure and aromas.

 Our “prime Sessions” newsletter provides the latest product insights from our “blend master” experts, giving Pennsylvania patients an exclusive look into our upcoming product shipments. Read on for a closer look at our latest batches of in-house bred buds that are headed for dispensary shelves— and get product insights from Cultivation Manager S.J. Barszowski— in this installment all about our prime-exclusive flower. 


In-House Bred Flower Batches

In today’s prime session, we’re putting the spotlight on some of the latest strain innovations that we’ve put to market— exclusive new genetic lines that offer patients a chance to refresh their medicating routine and access a range of potential benefits. Let’s kick things off with an exploration of the new Orange Slice Nebula expressions: the Blood Orange, Thai, and Gojo phenos. 

A cross between our iconic Orange Chem S cultivar and Grower’s Select strain PT Starqueen, this prime-exclusive hybrid boasts bright citrus flavors. The strain’s name was inspired by its stellar PT Starqueen lineage as well as the real Lemon Slice Nebula — a cloud of ionized helium that sits in the sky between Polaris and the Little Dipper. The resulting trio of phenotypes from this expert breeding project—  boasting diverse flavors from floral citrus to rich hash— is a shining example of the star quality strains our cultivators are capable of creating.

Within this first-ever batch of Orange Slice Nebula to go to market, the #41 phenotype stands out as having the most rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles— clocking in at over 23.5% THCa and nearly 1.3% total terpenes. The pheno’s unique amounts of caryophyllene also makes this terpene profile stand apart from the pack. Caryophyllene is the only terpene known to activate the body’s endocannabinoid system, which contains naturally occurring medical marijuana-like substances that help regulate important functions ranging from digestion and inflammation to mood. Cultivation Manager S.J. Barszowski who played an integral role in the breeding project for this strain notes that the #41 phenotype “leans further toward being a ‘broad leaf’ or ‘indica’ varietal than its siblings.” Barszowski says patients can find “beautiful vibrant green flowers with intense burnt orange pistils” on this cultivar. Patients may also be pleasantly surprised by its complex aromas that are “heavily influenced by notes of bitter orange, banana leaves and exotic spices finishing with lighter notes of Incense and musk.” There are plenty of potential benefits to be found in the other phenos from this latest Orange Slice Nebula batch as well, including prominent levels of terpinolene in both the #31 and #60 expressions. Less common among popularly-bred strains today, researchers are studying terpinolene for its exciting potential to combat cancer cell progression.

For patients who can’t get enough of our exclusive genetics, we have another trio of new phenotypes in store for you— the Lion Sap expressions. Having inherited traits from two of the most coveted genetic lines in our exclusive prime library (Thai Sap x Malawi ML), Lion Sap has produced impressive test results for terpene and cannabinoids in addition to a range of distinctive flavors. Our batch notes for this flower release detail the herby notes of white sage that patients can expect from the #32 spice cabinet pheno, and the piney flavors of gas that the #33 pine barren pheno has to offer. 

With its eye-catching secondary name, Lion Sap #61— our nail salon pheno—  was also a standout during the cultivation process for this new strain. Barszowski recalls during the original harvest for Lion Sap, our experts noted that the #61 flower emitted aromas “reminiscent of a sweet smelling perfume laid over acetone.” After a team member compared the scent to nail polish, the iconic nail salon pheno name was born. Beyond its unique name and aroma, this flower also has its own visual aesthetic that stands out among the trio of new Lion Sap expressions. Its structure provides clues about the lineage of the Orange Slice Nebula cross, showcasing traits similar to its Afghan-descended parentage. According to Barszowski, “The Lion Sap #61 expresses far more of its Thai Sap lineage than its siblings, distinctly resembling that parentage throughout its life cycle.” He describes the nail salon pheno as having “veins of purple run through the flowers, blurred by a heavy covering of glittering trichomes.” 

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