Batch notes are just one of the signature ways our experts go the extra mile to ensure patients can get the most out of their medical marijuana purchases. Every week, our prime team members meet to assess our latest product shipments and create custom batch notes for every prime offering that leaves our facility. These notes can help patients make informed dispensary purchases by identifying products that may potentially meet their unique medical needs and preferencesfrom concentrate color and texture, to flower structure and aromas.

Our new “prime Sessions” newsletter will feature insights from our “blend master” experts, giving Pennsylvania patients an exclusive look into our upcoming shipments of prime products. 

In today’s edition, you’ll get a prime insider’s perspective on our latest extract innovations and exclusive blends that are hitting store shelves this week. 


All Things Extract Blends

For this prime session, we’re learning highlights about the latest batch notes from a central team member behind their creation— Processing Manager, Matt Rathman. Rathman is just one of the experts at our facility, who spearheads our regular batch notes brainstorming sessions, and has experienced the quality of our premium products firsthand.

In this session, he provides an in-depth look at one of the latest additions to our AU line of live resins: the Lion Sap Beta Blend. 

This offering includes a blend of different phenos from one of our newest in-house crosses,” he notes. AU batches of concentrates have undergone an alternative extraction process, providing a more raw expression of the plant’s living terpene profile. If patients are looking to explore what our AU line of concentrates has to offer, Rathman indicates that this blend offers a “more natural” expression of the cultivar that features a “dark gold, soupy appearance…with hints of pine and cantaloupe.” 

A cross between Thai Sap #33 and Malawi ML, Rathman says that this blend’s “Thai Sap lineage seems to shine through” in its rich pinene and limonene contentcollectively accounting for over 5% of this live resin’s hefty 13.89% total terpenes. Both limonene and pinene may contribute to Lion Sap’s possible medical benefits for users, with demonstrated potential to provide alertness and relieve fatigue in studies.

When it comes to therapeutic potential, Rathman suggests exploring our new Londyn Queen Extractor’s Blend with your dispensary pharmacist. Combining exclusive strains – PT Starqueen #28 and Londyn Lei #4 – this blend inherited significant levels of the terpene myrcene from its blended parents, testing at over 6%, and may potentially “improve the absorption of THC and other cannabinoids — making them more effective without increasing the dose.” Also found in mangoes and basil, this sweet terpene boasts an incredible aroma of tangerines. Patients can learn more about this potential synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids by reading Dr. Ethan Russo’s landmark study, “Taming THC.”

Of all the exceptional concentrates prime offers, Rathman describes one in particular as “the best of both worlds” when it comes to showcasing the potential benefits of its parent strains. He says patients can look forward to the over 15% total terpenes and unmatched aromas in our latest batch of Super Silver Sap Extractor’s Blend Live Badder. An Extractor’s Blend concentrate combines the unique qualities of two or more premier prime strains into one expertly crafted extract. This limited-edition extract features a yellow, almost crusted live badder texture, with bright aromas of clean citrus when you pop the lid on our concentrate packaging. 

Rathman explains that the citrusy, cleaning product-like aroma can be attributed to the Super Silver Thai lineage, while the more earthy tones could be traced back to the Thai Sap. The combination of this blend’s alpha-pinene and limonene may potentially help manage inflammation based on data from ongoing research. 

Want to learn more about the prime products you can find in our upcoming deliveries? Read our latest batch notes, which are available on our website’s products’ page and consult your dispensary pharmacist regarding your unique medical needs.