On behalf of the Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania team, my sincere thanks to the entire Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana community – all dispensaries, physicians, patients and caregivers…

This week marks the second anniversary of the launch of the prime line of medical marijuana products! It’s remarkable to look back on all the important milestones we’ve achieved over this time, including our first delivery of prime flower, the launch of our expertly crafted live and dry concentrates and the transition to our industry-leading N2 packaging. Producing a premium product requires a true team effort, and I am so proud to lead a great team that is so dedicated to the essential work of advancing health and wellness across the Commonwealth.

In these challenging times, we truly appreciate that patients and caregivers continue to choose prime products again and again; so thank you for your loyalty.

As we celebrate this milestone and begin our third year, we are so excited and will continue to focus on our core mission of cultivating better lives. With your continued support, we truly are growing stronger together!

Thank you,
Sharon Ali, General Manager
Acreage Holdings, Pennsylvania and Maryland