Dominance: Indica

Debut: 1/28/2019

Lineage: Chemdawg D x I95 (#5, #2)

About the name: Chem De La Chem comes from the breeding of two classic cannabis strains, Chemdawg D and I95. The two Chem De LA Chem phenotypes have distinctly different looks and flavor.The #5 is known as our “baseball glove pheno” and has an unmistakable smell of leather. The #2 is known as the “fuel pheno,” and the flavor profile on this awesome strain will tell you why.  

Main Terpenes: B-Myrcene, A-Pinene, Limonene

Description: Chem De La Chem #5 features copious amounts of visible trichomes with a pungent flavor of chem, leather and funk. #2 has a classic chem structure with hints of pine and diesel.

Product Forms: Flower, Cartridges, Distillate & Terpene Syringes, Live Sauce, Shatter, Wax, Blonde Wax, Live Resin


From our grower:  “It’s a great strain. It’s easy to grow and is a good yielder.  It has an unmistakable flavor of Chemdawg and different OG Kush lineages that are in the I95. Being that we are so committed to growing from seed, it’s one of the truest expressions of the Chemdawg genetics that is available in seed form.”

Fun fact: Miller says Chem De La Chem #2 is one of his favorite strains for its distinctly unique flavor profile. “The flavor of the Chemdawg genetics is almost unexplainable. It’s a sweet incense with pine and grapefruit and is just one of the complex flavors in all of cannabis. It’s just a great-tasting flower.”