Since we first started our product library from seed in 2018, our approach has been rooted in science with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for Commonwealth patients. Both our plant inventory and our team of experts have grown a lot since then. Our in-house breeding program is a prime example of what we have achieved, creating an entirely new class of cannabis strains that are only available from Prime Wellness of PA. As we continue to roll out new innovations, we also want to equip you with information on how to navigate which products from our expanding line of diverse medical marijuana may potentially benefit your unique needs. 

Terpenes – the aromatic compounds of the cannabis plant that may potentially work with THC to produce a medicinal effect – can be a great starting place to track which prime products might work for you. The Terpene Tracker newsletter explores how our cultivation and extraction methods maximize the potentially therapeutic terpenes in our latest product innovations – complete with a templated log that patients can download here to track their experiences with prime offerings.

In this edition, we’re providing a prime insider’s look at one of the latest strain innovations from our expert cultivators, Chem de la Thai. We will explore how this crossover between two patient-prefered strains of our premium whole flower has resulted in desirable terpene profile and extraction yields – and how our extractors are using expert lab practices to hone in on the best Chem de la Thai phenotypes.


Bred from the Best

Chem de la Thai is a prime hybrid that truly showcases the worldwide scope of our unique genetic library. This yet-to-be-released cultivar embodies the landrace sativa lineage of our Grower’s Select staple African Thai and the indica-leaning traits of Chem de la Chem, a strain that is reminiscent of the West Coast classic OG Kush. Chem de la Thai also combines the iconic flavors of sour diesel and lemony fuel that patients may recognize in its parent strains.  

The most abundant terpenes that Chem de la Thai inherited from its parent strains include myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene which have all been studied for their potential to produce an entourage effect with THC and modulate how this psychoactive compound interacts with receptors throughout the body. Research shows that myrcene and caryophyllene may potentially provide a sedative effect, while limonene has demonstrated the potential to reduce anxiety in clinical research. 


Extracted for Excellence 

We take great pride in each step of our selection processes, including pheno hunting. This technique begins in the cultivation process, when our growers cultivate a host of seeds from the same genetic lineage with the intention of finding the best expression that strain has to offer. This process demands close attention throughout the life cycle of our plants to hone in on distinctive traits that may maximize a strain’s therapeutic potential. When the desired phenos are identified, we create equally unique pheno names for these cultivars that give patients a better idea of what prime experience they might provide – such as the leathery aromas in our baseball glove pheno (Chem de la Chem #5). 

The pheno-selection process continues in the lab – carefully extracting each individual plant through our proprietary method to select the absolute best candidates for our live concentrate products. By pheno hunting in both our grow rooms and our extraction lab, our team ensures that the Chem de la Thai phenos we send out to dispensaries will boast impressive terpene levels and a range of potential benefits across all of our prime product forms – premium whole flower and a diverse mix of live and dry concentrate textures.