Since we first started our product library from seed in 2018, our approach at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania has been rooted in science – with the ultimate goal of potentially improving the quality of life for Commonwealth patients. Both our plant inventory and our team of experts have grown a lot since then. Our in-house breeding program is a prime example of what we have achieved, creating an entirely new class of exclusive cannabis strains. As we continue to roll out new innovations, we also want to equip you with information on how products from our expanding lineup may potentially work for you.

Our team has developed the Terpene Tracker newsletter series, using batch notes and lab test results, to help familiarize you with terpenes and cannabinoids in our entire line of products. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the essential oils of the cannabis plant that may work with cannabinoids – such as the psychoactive chemical THC – to potentially produce a medicinal effect. We’ve even created a PDF template that can be used to track your experiences with prime offerings – recording details such as the product’s strain, form, terpenes, and experience. 


Today’s Edition 

In this installment, we’re giving you a first look at a trio of prime-exclusive flower phenos that will debut on dispensary shelves across Pennsylvania next month. Read on to learn about Kaliburst, the latest strain innovation to join our library of premium cultivars, and its potential to benefit a range of unique medical needs. 


The Parent Profiles 

When encountering a new strain you haven’t seen before on store menus, it can be helpful to ask your dispensary pharmacist about its lineage. Previous experiences you may have had with another parent strain could be an indicator of how the new cross will potentially interact with you. 

Kaliburst is a hybrid produced from Kali Jack and PT Starqueen, whose notes of fresh peach, reminiscent of the legendary strain L.A. Kush, were influential in shaping the flavors of our live Kaliburst products. Patients might remember the Kali Jack parent from a limited-edition shipment of prime live extracts that were released during summer 2020. This spicy sativa stems from a genetic line that can be traced back to Kali Mist, a strain popularized on the West Coast and awarded first place at the 1995 Cannabis Cup international festival. This iconic heritage shines through in Kaliburst’s dense trichome coverage which produces bud structure known as foxtailing — a genetic trait that is common among indoor-grown sativas and makes buds appear spiky.


The Final Phenos

The Kaliburst flower heading to stores next month was expertly crafted through our prime pheno hunting method. Pheno hunting refers to the process of cultivating a host of seeds from the same genetic lineage to find the best expression that specific strain has to offer. Plant phenotypes can be compared to how kittens born within the same litter may have striped or solid coats   unique expressions or phenotypes of their inherited genes.

After selectively breeding the best plants to maximize potential therapeutic benefits and unique traits, our cultivators produced three final Kaliburst phenos with a range of distinctive flavors— sugary oranges, fresh tangerines, earth, lime, and kush – and a promising future. This trio of premium whole flower has also tested for unique terpene content with notable amounts of terpinolene and ocimene. Although less common among popularly-bred strains today, researchers are studying terpinolene for its potential to combat cancer cell progression. Ocimene, also found in orchids, has a floral-leaning sweetness and may potentially provide anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis and related conditions.  Check with your dispensary pharmacist to see if any of the Kaliburst phenos might be right for you.