The Pennsylvania medical marijuana program has grown tremendously since it was first signed into law in April 2016. Each day, new patients and caregivers are registering to potentially find relief from the 23 qualifying conditions outlined in the program and grower/processors are developing new products to meet their wide range of medical needs. With the diversity of new product forms and strains arriving on the market, it can be daunting to identify what may benefit you. 

The Terpene Tracker newsletter is here to help using batch notes and lab test results to explain how our cultivation and extraction methods maximize the potentially therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids in prime products. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the essential oils of the cannabis plant that may work with cannabinoids – such as the psychoactive chemical THC – to produce a medicinal effect. An added bonus is a templated PDF that patients can download here and use to track their experiences with prime offerings –recording details such as the product’s strain, form, terpenes, and potential effects.

In today’s edition we’re providing an exclusive look at the latest strain innovation that’s headed from our grow rooms to dispensary shelves across the Commonwealth. Read on to learn about the making of Orange Slice Nebula. 


The Genetics 

This new strain innovation was created by crossing the iconic Orange Chem S cultivar, one of the earliest seeds introduced to the prime genetic library, with our standout Grower’s Select offering PT Starqueen. PT Starqueen was influential in shaping this new strain’s terpene profile, which has inherited pinene content similar to PT Starqueen #22 our French Toast pheno. Orange Chem S #1, our orange pheno, contributed a spicy sativa lineage as well as distinctive citrus flavors to the new Orange Slice Nebula cross.

This strain earned its stellar name from its PT Starqueen lineage, distinguished as “orange slice” by the citrus-heavy flavors of its Orange Chem S parent. The name was also inspired by the real lemon slice nebula, a cloud of ionized helium that sits in the sky between Polaris and the Little Dipper constellation. 


The Batch Notes

Our team members write custom batch notes for each product shipment that leaves our facility. These batch notes outline product details such as variations in concentrate color and texture, as well as flower structure and aromas. Patients can access batch notes for each prime delivery cycle by visiting the products page of our website, or by asking the Patient Care Consultant (PCC) at their dispensary. 

The live badder that our expert extraction team handcrafted from Orange Slice Nebula was described as having the texture of crusted badder and a champagne color. This extract boasts aromas of sweet ammonia and sangria. 


The Potential Benefits 

Testing for nearly 8% total terpenes, this strain’s rich terpene profile features notable amounts of myrcene, limonene, and pinene a combination which provides a range of therapeutic potential. Myrcene, which can also be found in mangoes and basil, may potentially provide sedative and muscle-relaxing effects. Pinene, as its name suggests, is the same aromatic compound that gives pine trees their refreshing and woodsy scent. Pinene content in medical marijuana has been researched for its potential to treat inflammation.This combination of pinene and myrcene in Orange Slice Nebula’s terpene profile may potentially make this strain beneficial for patients living with such conditions as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis. Check with your dispensary pharmacist to determine whether this new cultivar might be right for you.