Finding products that benefit your unique medical needs can be a challenge, whether you’re a newly certified patient or a seasoned member of the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. The process of trying new product forms and navigating test results can be daunting. Our prime team is developing a new educational series that may help: The Terpene Tracker newsletter. 

This monthly newsletter series will incorporate our batch notes— information on the unique flavors and qualities of each prime product — and test results to track the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of our strains across various product forms.  Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the essential oils of the cannabis plant that may work with cannabinoids— like the psychoactive chemical THC— to produce a medicinal effect. Our processes,  like live-plant extraction or careful curing, can shape how these compounds carry over into the finished products we ship to dispensaries. 

Read on for a closer look at the terpene and cannabinoid profiles in our Papa Legba vape cartridges, including special insight into the unique product variations produced by our live and dry methods of extraction. We’ll even be providing a template that patients can download and use to track their experiences with prime offerings—recording such details as the product’s strain, form, terpenes, and effects. 

 Terpene Tracker: Papa Legba Live and Dry Resin Cartridges

Every prime vape cartridge is created from plant material that has been lab tested and placed in cold storage to await extraction. Using a state-of-the-art hydrocarbon process with a labor-intensive focus on extracting terpenes, our extraction methods are designed to preserve the harvest-fresh quality of the plant material. 

Dry resin cartridges are handcrafted from flower that has been cured after harvest. The consistency and terpene content of our dry resin cartridges mirrors that of our live resin cartridges— which are extracted from plant material that has been flash frozen— while capturing the distinctive flavor of our dried flower. The terpenes in both our live and dry resin cartridges are always 100% cannabis-derived and use no synthetic additives, representing the true flavor of our unique cannabis genetics. 

This month, we’ll be delivering live and dry resin cartridges of our Grower’s Select cultivar Papa Legba #8, the prime lemon voodoo pheno. A cross between Double Afghan Chunk x Marie Laveau, this indica features flavors reminiscent of the strain OG Kush— with strong notes of gas and lemon zest in live varieties. This batch of live cartridges features 64% THC, with 19% THCa and nearly 15% total terpene content. The dry resin batch of Papa Legba cartridges has tested for 73% THC, as well as 4% THCa and 13% total terpenes. 

The impressive terpene profiles in both live and dry varieties carry humulene, a less common terpene that smells similar to hops and cloves and has been studied for its anti-inflammatory potential.  The bright citrus flavors of the lemon voodoo pheno are complemented by notes of pepper in the dry resin form, resulting from our curing process which draws out more of the spicy aroma of caryophyllene. Found in black pepper, caryophyllene is the only known terpene to activate the endocannabinoid system, which contains naturally occurring cannabis-like substances and helps regulate important functions ranging from digestion and inflammation to mood. 

Some patients have reported that their experiences with Papa Legba’s myrcene content— which works in tandem with the strain’s  other terpenes such as limonene and caryophyllene— provided a sedative or sleep-inducing effect. Download our Terpene Tracker template and use this log to track your experiences with your latest prime purchase.  We encourage you to then share this data with your local dispensary’s pharmacist or patient care consultants, who can help better identify which products may work for your unique biology and medical needs.