The Commonwealth’s medical marijuana program is advancing at an astounding rate with new patients and new products arriving in dispensaries every day. While we keep things growing as a leading provider of premium-quality medicine, Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is also committed to equipping patients with educational resources that will help them navigate the ins and outs of medical marijuana in the Commonwealth.  Keep up with our latest newsletter series, “The A-to-Zs of Medical Marijuana,”  to learn  about the potential benefits and the prime difference behind each product form on the Pennsylvania market. Read today’s edition below, which provides an overview of the budding therapeutic potential of flower products. 


What is Flower?

Flower is the dried leaf form of the cannabis plant. According to regulations In the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program, this product form must be consumed through vaporizing and inhaling, rather than smoking. Flower vaporizers, available for purchase at your local dispensary, are devices designed to heat medical marijuana to a temperature that produces a cannabinoid-laced vapor. By vaporizing the flower, patients convert THCa to THC, activating the psychoactive, potentially therapeutic compounds in the product. Vaporizing is safer than putting flame to flower, as there is no smoke to ingest. 


What are the Potential Benefits? 

Flower products may represent the truest flavor of the cannabis plant, featuring impressive cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are distinct from extracts or cartridge oils. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are secreted in the same glands of the cannabis plant that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Terpenes may alter permeability of the blood-brain barrier and potentially work with cannabinoids that may produce therapeutic effects. For example, the flower strain Kaliburst – which was bred exclusively for the prime line– has tested for unique amounts of the terpene ocimene. A less common terpene, Ocimene is being studied for its potential to combat cancer cell progression. Identified by its floral-leaning sweetness, it may also potentially provide anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis and related conditions.  

Flower may be a user-friendly product option for beginner patients, as it allows access to potential effects more quickly and more gradual dosing through vaporization. When trying any new product form, it is recommended to start low and go slow. Gradually increasing your dose and tracking your experience with the product can help you identify the best way to meet your unique medical needs. Patients should always consult their dispensary pharmacist to determine which products might potentially work for them. 


What Makes prime Flower Premium? 

From our start in 2017, Prime Wellness has been laser focused on our commitment to advancing health and wellness and serving as a premier provider of exceptional quality products to dispensary partners across the Commonwealth. Our prime whole flower comes from a vast collection of unique genetics and is crafted using cultivation and processing methods focused on maximizing product quality. Our library includes an outstanding mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics you won’t find anywhere else. We launched our library of premium whole flower strains from seed. Germinating seeds for each of our prime cultivars means our seedlings are inherently free of most pests, pathogens and disease. This seed-based process ensures the health of our plants and the quality of the flower yields we bring to market. 

We nurture our plants with a proprietary combination of mineral salts, organic nutrients, and premium coco coir, and constantly check temperature, light, and humidity. This meticulous regimen is designed to maximize resin and terpene production. Using environmentally friendly biologicals, we ensure the healthy development of our plants and, ultimately, the health of our patients. When it comes time to harvest, we take extra care to avoid unnecessary handling, vibration, or any other actions that could degrade or damage the trichome heads on our flower. As these resin-producing structures on the plant generate cannabinoids, trichomes may play a critical role in the therapeutic potential of flower products. Prime Wellness also ensures optimal preservation of terpene content in our premium whole flower offerings through the patented N2 packaging system. The innovative aluminum flower cans are nitrogen-flushed to preserve the terpenes and aromas of our prime strains at peak harvest. The terpenes in our flower are always 100% cannabis-derived, never separated or reconstituted with synthetic additives, to let naturally occurring plant compounds shine.