From seed to sale, and every step in between, Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania’s expert cultivators are committed to providing patients and caregivers with unique, high-quality cannabis products they won’t find anywhere else.

Our expert prime production team has taken our selective breeding process to the next level. We’ve bred our popular Sour Blueberry and Marie Laveau strains, and carefully selected the best seeds to create an exclusive line of new “Bred in PA” cultivars coming to dispensaries next week.

Here’s an exclusive look at the three newest cultivars to emerge from our Berks County grow room.


Dominance: Hybrid

Lineage: Sour Blueberry x Marie Laveau

Three Flavorful Phenotypes: Our new Cthulhu strain comes in three unique cultivars. #43 is our ‘Sour Garlic’ pheno and features dense green buds with speckles of purple and a fragrance that combines the unique qualities of both parent strains. Our #56 ‘Sour Grape’ pheno displays very strong trichome coverage and clear, sweet hints of citrus with pale notes of fermented grapes. The #60 ‘Sour Raspberry’ pheno features magenta buds with a structure influence from Marie Laveau and a strong flavor of Sour Raspberries.

Terpenes: #43 and #60 feature beta-Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene and Linalool as their main terpenes. The terpene profile for #56 includes beta-Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, alpha-Humulene.

From our grower: “We have a very competitive, in-depth selection process,” says Brandon Miller, Sr. Director of Production and Facilities for Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania. “We’re looking for plants that display the best attributes — from their flower structure, smell and taste to their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. For Cthulhu, we narrowed down the initial selections from seed and performed subsequent test runs to find the absolute best expression of this strain. This process produced three unique cultivars that truly stand out, and I’m excited to hear patients’ feedback on all three.”

Fun Fact: Marie Laveau is an exclusive strain from Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, and it has been used in the breeding of several new “Bred in PA” strains released in 2020. These cultivars are the end result of seven years of selective breeding and represent our next generation of premium Grower’s Select strains. Stay tuned for more exclusive products in the coming months.