At Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania, our expert cultivation team is proud to deliver prime-quality medicine curated  to the highest standards, with an outstanding mix of well-known strains and exclusive genetics. The process that goes into producing every product is rooted in passion and expertise to ensure that every patient has a prime experience. In this edition of our Product Spotlight series, we focus on a prime exclusive strain, which  was bred in-house and introduced during the summer of 2020. Meet Vampire Killer #18, our Grower’s Select basil pheno. 

Lineage: African Thai x Marie Laveau

Dominance: Hybrid

Main Terpenes:  B-Myrcene, D-Limonene, B-Caryophyllene

From Our Grower: Covered in trichomes and densely packed, the buds on this hybrid are a prime example of our meticulous crafting. Its genetics were hand-selected exclusively for PA patients, as part of our in-house program of selective breeding.
Dubbed the basil pheno, the #18 cultivar features herby flavor notes of basil and garlic. 

Fun Fact: The basil pheno’s unique flavor profile is representative of its parent strain, Marie Laveau. This patient favorite is among the earliest strains cultivated for the prime genetic library, originally hitting dispensary shelves back in October 2018. 

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