Every prime product delivered to dispensaries features a seal stating our commitment to handcrafting high quality medical marijuana that is bred, grown, and harvested in Pennsylvania. From hand-selecting genetics for desired phenotypes, to carefully monitoring unique expressions at each step of the cultivation process, our in-house breeding program is curated to deliver our most distinctive prime phenos to Pennsylvania patients. 

In this edition of our prime Numbers series, we’re taking a closer look at Super Silver Thai – a strain bred in-house exclusively for Pennsylvania patients, available in two unique flavor expressions. Read on to learn about how the #15 and #17 phenos compare and how their hand-selected sativa genetics make for a prime experience. 

The Strain

Super Silver Thai is a prime-exclusive cross between Super Silver Maduro and African Thai, the “king” of our diverse genetic library. Its Super Silver Maduro parent passed down a haze dominant structure and distinctive flavor notes of dark berries that are most prominent in the #17 Magic Marker pheno. The African Thai parent stems from a landrace lineage, meaning its Super Silver Thai offspring can be traced back to the original varieties of cannabis that were native to Thailand. This true sativa origin is part of what makes Super Silver Thai #15 a premium offering in our global collection of Grower’s Select strains, distinctive varieties that have been hand-selected and curated for PA patients through years of selective breeding practices.

Super Silver Thai has other notable strains in its lineage, including Black Maduro and Super Silver Haze. Black Maduro is a popular clone-only strain that was grown in Vancouver for many years, and Super Silver Haze is one of the most influential cannabis strains in recent history, according to Brandon Miller, Sr. Director, Production and Facilities for Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania

The Lime Skittle Pheno 

Featuring terpinolene and limonene dominant flavors of citrus, Super Silver Thai #15 has been dubbed our Lime Skittle pheno. With a trichome-covered sativa structure, this pheno is true to its Super Silver lineage. Notable parents in this flower’s lineage include the clone-only strain Black Maduro and Super Silver Haze. The Lime Skittle pheno’s terpene profile is also distinguished from the #17 pheno due to its unique ocimene content. Also found in orchids, ocimene has a floral-leaning sweetness and may potentially provide anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis and related conditions.  

Super Silver Thai #15 displays one of the most unique flower structures in the cannabis kingdom and is a standout Grower’s Select offering. As sativas are notoriously difficult to cultivate indoors, our expert growers strategically bred the Lime Skittle pheno for optimal yields in our indoor state-of-the-art facility. 

The Magic Marker Pheno

Dubbed our magic marker pheno, the #17 cultivar displays a similar structure to buds of the Super Silver Maduro “mother”— a term that describes the genetic source of the clones in our flower room. Like the Super Silver Maduro mother, this pheno features dark purple buds and an unmistakable aroma that is reminiscent of a grape-scented marker. The Super Silver Maduro flavor profile also shines through in this pheno, which boasts distinct flavors of dark berries and grapes that are followed by sharp notes of menthol and citrus.  

The terpene profile for #17 pheno is characterized by impressive amounts of pinene and lower levels of myrcene, resulting in a similar terpene profile to what patients might recognize in the prime Tree Sap pheno Kunduz D #13. The woodsy pinene content in the Magic Marker pheno may potentially provide an anxiolytic effect that may reduce stress.