Quality and consistency are the hallmark of every Grower’s Select product we release to market. Our carefully curated genetic library — achieved by years of selective breeding experience from our expert cultivators — was created with Pennsylvania patients, like you, in mind. The result is a distinctive lineup of premium Grower’s Select products, rooted in quality, passion, and expertise, to give you the greatest potential for symptom relief.  

To capture the essence of our latest Grower’s Select strain innovation, our team is releasing a unique illustration custom-designed by a local artist. Read below for a closer look at the carefully curated traits of Lion Sap #32 — the prime spice cabinet pheno. 


Lion Sap #32 (Spice Cabinet Pheno)

Lineage: Thai Sap #33 x Malawi ML #1

Terpene Content: Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene, Limonene

Description: Dubbed our Spice Cabinet pheno, Lion Sap #32 displays curled sugar leaves with burnt orange-colored stigmas, boasting aromas of white sage and dry basil in dry flower form. Our live varieties of this prime strain, which are extracted from frozen flower to capture harvest-fresh flavors, feature notes of sweet orange and gas. 


From Our Grower: The Spice Cabinet pheno is a high-performing cultivar with the highest test results and extraction yields from our trio of Lion Sap flower expressions that originally launched to market, with our first batch clocking in at 3.76% Total Terpenes and 31.39% THCa in the Spice Cabinet pheno! The exclusive artwork we commissioned from a local artist pays homage to this cultivar’s iconic Malawi ML #1 parent. We incorporated a lion motif and orchid-inspired color scheme that reflects the flora and fauna of Malawi, the East African country where Malawi ML genetics originated from. 


Our Latest Batch: According to our prime quality control experts, the latest batch of our spice cabinet pheno boasts aromas that are perfectly suited to the fall season. Patients can look forward to creamy notes of peppermint in this upcoming shipment of Lion Sap #32 flower. This batch also packs 2.7% total terpenes and nearly 29% THCa, which may provide a range of potential benefits. 

Dominant compounds in its essential oil content include the terpenes pinene and limonene. A woodsy-smelling compound in medical marijuana that is reminiscent of forest trees, pinene may potentially alleviate inflammation for patients with arthritis and related conditions. Limonene, as its name suggests, also naturally occurs in lemon and citrus fruits. This zesty terpene may potentially reduce anxiety and provide mood-uplifting effects. 

Ask your patient care consultant to learn more about how the spice cabinet pheno may potentially meet your unique medical needs.