Every week, our prime team members meet to assess our latest product shipments and create custom batch notes for every prime offering that leaves our facility. These notes can help patients make informed dispensary purchases by identifying products that may potentially meet their unique medical needs and preferences— from concentrate color and texture, to flower structure and aromas.

Our “prime Sessions” newsletter provides the latest product insights from our “blend master” experts, giving Pennsylvania patients a closer look into what’s next to leave our facility. Read today’s edition below, a special installment prime’d for Halloween, where we’ll give you an in-depth look at our Spooky Strain Sale. 


prime-Exclusive Cultivars, prime’d for Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, we know your local dispensary’s menu will be packed with deals celebrating this holiday. To get you into the spirit this October, we’re offering special pricing on some of the most mythically monikered strains in our genetic library at select dispensary locations throughout the Commonwealth. This prime offer includes discounts on such patient-preferred offerings as Cthulhu #43 (Sour Garlic Pheno), Vampire Killer #18 (Basil Voodoo), and Ghost Thai #28 (Orange Musk Pheno). Want to know how the latest batches of these creepy cultivars stack up to our prime standards for quality? We’ve got the prime insider’s scoop, just for you. 

Cthulhu #43 — which shares its name with the tentacled creature from H.P. Lovecraft’s science fiction — is loved in the patient community for its purple-speckled flowers that boast aromas of garlic, mushroom, and berries. Our latest batch of the #43 sour garlic pheno features an especially earthy profile, with stronger mushroom notes after curing. This batch also tested for 1.4% total terpenes including linalool, a terpene that’s commonly found in lavender and may potentially help elevate moods

Vampire Killer #18 earned its mythological name due to its pungent aromas of garlic, which are accompanied by notes of hash and basil in our latest batch. This particular harvest also yielded impressive THCa results, clocking in at over 29% of the acidic precursor that converts to THCa when vaporized. This cultivar’s high-performing results are rivaled only by our latest batch of Ghost Thai #28, the prime orange musk pheno, which packs nearly 2.5% total terpenes over 30% THCa. Included in Ghost Thai’s hefty terpene content is a notable amount of myrcene — a sweet-smelling compound found in mangoes and bay leaves that may provide sedative and pain-relieving potential for patients experiencing insomnia, anxiety, and pain. 

Ask your dispensary pharmacist to learn more about the medical potential in each prime product that’s available for purchase during our Spooky Strain Sale. As results may vary by batch, be sure to always check your medical marijuana packaging to learn about the terpenes and cannabinoids in your latest dispensary purchase.