With the wide variety of products appearing on dispensary shelves today, patients may find it challenging to identify what forms and strains of medical marijuana might work for their unique needs. Our prime experts understand how overwhelming the search for the right medication can be, so we have developed an educational series to help equip patients with information about their product options.

The Terpene Tracker newsletter uses batch notes and lab test results to help you understand how our cultivation and extraction methods maximize the potentially therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids in prime products. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in the essential oils of the cannabis plant that may work with cannabinoids – such as the psychoactive chemical THC – to potentially produce a medicinal effect.

Today’s Edition

We’re exploring how our expert cultivation team is creating an entirely new class of cannabis strains that are exclusive to the prime brand– featuring unique terpene profiles and a range of potential medical benefits. Read on for a first look at the new Scarlet Nova phenos, a trio of premium flower offerings that we bred in-house for Pennsylvania patients.

Patients can download this PDF template to track their experiences with prime offerings – recording details such as the product’s strain, form, terpenes, and potential effects. Think of the information like those genetic genealogy companies – the insights provide a more complete profile of the product’s DNA to assist with decision-making.


Hand-Selected Genetics 

Our expert cultivators have searched through thousands of plants to hand select the best possible starting material for our selective breeding program. The new Scarlet Nova cultivar was produced by crossing the patient-preferred sativa Scarlet Fire with our prime hybrid PT Starqueen. A strain that has played a key role in our breeding program, PT Starqueen consistently produces high terpene extracts with such distinctive flavors as maple and peach. Scarlet Fire was produced from Mexican genetics, resulting in a complex range of flavors including sweet pine and peppery watermelon rind.

Both of the Scarlet Nova parent strains are stand-out offerings in our Grower’s Select lineup of premium whole flower. The Grower’s Select label on a prime product indicates a premium product offering that has been handcrafted and curated with care, through years of cultivation experience and selective breeding. With a global collection of strains that have been hand selected for PA patients, the unique genetics in our Grower’s Select products provide the potential for a prime experience that’s rooted in passion and expertise.

Our distinctive genetics and meticulous crafting shine through in the new Scarlet Fire cultivar, which is making its debut on dispensary shelves across the Commonwealth this week–  available in three distinctive flower phenos.


Expertly Crafted Phenos 

We pheno hunt to find the most distinctive, desirable traits and therapeutic potential. The process involves cultivating a host of seeds from the same genetic lineage to find the best expression that strain has to offer. Plant phenotypes can be compared to how kittens born within the same litter may have striped or solid coats – unique expressions or phenotypes of their inherited genes. Our selection process demands close attention from our growers, requiring months, sometimes years, to identify and lock down distinctive and desired traits.

The Scarlet Nova pheno hunt produced plants that feature identical terpene profiles to their parents– with notable amounts of myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Also found in mangoes and basil, myrcene has been studied for its potential to relieve chronic pain. This terpene may also provide a sedative effect with its peppery counterpart caryophyllene. Working in combination with these terpenes, the limonene content in Scarlet Nova may also provide an anxiety-reducing potential that might benefit such qualifying conditions as anxiety and PTSD. Please ensure you check with your pharmacist to see if this strain is right for you.

While their terpene profiles are identical, the Scarlet Nova phenos are distinguished by their signature aromas and flavor expressions. For example, Scarlet Nova #33 has been dubbed our prime pizza pheno due to its flavor expressions in dry product forms – boasting an earthy sweetness with notes of mushroom, basil, and tomato sauce. The #48 plant, however, has been named our mango pheno and features fresh flavors of buttery grits, corn, and ripe mango. This pheno also boasts the highest terpene content among the three Scarlet Nova phenos, with our latest batch testing at 1.84% total terpenes.

Keep an eye on your local dispensary menus and ask your patient care consultant to learn more about the Scarlet Nova phenos which are arriving in stores this week.